3 Examples of IoT Tech That Can Improve Your Life

The Internet of Things is a design philosophy that is revolutionizing the way people live their daily lives. Also known as “smart” technology, IoT devices are characterized by using internet connectivity to expand the available functions of otherwise mundane devices and tools. This offers a number of benefits to the average person, but it can often seem like there are too many options or like that products in question are overly frivolous. This isn’t always the case, however. Here are a few examples.

Smart Home Technology

Smart technology has begun to take root in homes in such a way as to constitute a smart home. Smart homes are equipped to cater to more of the needs of the homes owners and in a convenient and non-intrusive manner. For example, a WaterCop dealer can provide your home with flood protection via a device that uses advanced sensors in order to shut off water output automatically as needed or on demand. This can prevent not only flooding, but also water damage, which protects your home and saves you money.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants like Alexa aim to provide you with several convenient features in one device. One thing virtual assistants are known for is serving as a hub through which you can access other compatible IoT devices in order to control many of the functions of other devices remotely by voice commands. They also offer hands free use of internet functionality such as search engines or music apps. This is particularly valuable, as it allows you to play music while your hands are wet from washing dishes, for example.

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology aims to provide the benefits of devices such as smartphones but in the form of accessories like wristwatches. For example, smartwatches are basically smartphones on your wrist, albeit with some limitations to keep in mind. Typically, these devices rely on other devices in order to fully function, but these devices still provide a variety of benefits to their wearers. Smartwatches are the primary example, because while they can’t make phone calls, they do allow you to check caller ID or notifications hands free.

Lot technology is quickly becoming the new normal. For reference, smartphones have “smart” in the name for a reason, and they are by far the most prevalent example of IoT. Now, however, smart tech options have rapidly expanded and can radically transform your life. The only question left is what smart tech is right for you?

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