3 Reasons You May Need a Physiotherapist

Therapy comes in many forms for your mind and body. Maybe you’ve heard the term physiotherapy but don’t really know what it means. You may be surprised to learn that physiotherapy is just another name for physical therapy, and it isn’t just for those who have suffered an injury. There are many reasons to seek out a physiotherapist.

Chronic Pain

Suffering from chronic pain is a major reason to get physiotherapy Burlington ON or in your hometown. If you’re one of the many people who have a desk job, you may notice back pain or headaches by the end of your workday. A therapist can help relieve that pain, improve your posture, and teach you stretches. For those who have lingering pain related to an injury, a therapist can walk you through recovery. Individualized manipulations, exercises, and education will get you feeling better and help prevent reinjury.

Impaired Balance

Any condition that affects your inner ear can affect your balance. If you have new dizziness and disrupted balance, it may be wise to consult a physiotherapist about vestibular rehabilitation before opting for surgery. You may be able to offset your inner ear troubles with a series of head and eye exercises.

Decreased Range of Motion

You may think a decreased range of motion is a normal part of aging, but physiotherapy may be able to help. If you’ve noticed that you are feeling stiff and much less flexible, let a therapist assess the situation. Flexibility isn’t just about stretching. A therapist will help you strengthen the tissues that support your muscles while also relaxing them. Gradually, your range of motion will increase.

Physiotherapy is a great option for many people. If your body doesn’t feel quite right, consider seeking therapy. You may be surprised at the ailments a therapist can help you work through.


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