3 Signs Your Aging Parent Needs Help

As your parent ages, it can be challenging to know when they are no longer safe to live alone. The loss of freedom and the need to move from their home may not be something they do willingly. Here are some situations to be aware of that may indicate your parent could use some extra help.

Bills Aren’t Getting Paid

It takes a plan to keep up with all your bills each month. As your parents age, they may become more forgetful and begin to stop paying their bills. When you discuss elder care planning Florissant MO with them, figuring out who can help with their finances is essential. Whether you or another family member can help them, or you turn to a professional, allowing your parent to make this choice enables them to maintain some control over their financial freedom.

The Home Is Unkept

When you visit your parents’ house, take a look around both inside and out. It may become apparent when they are no longer able to care for their home. If you notice they haven’t mowed the lawn for weeks or find mold growing in the bathroom, this is an excellent time to arrange for help. While your parent can continue living in their home, bringing in professional house cleaners and landscapers each week means they no longer have to worry about those chores, and you know they are living in a safe and clean home.

There Is No Food 

When your parent has very little energy, creating a nutritious meal may be difficult. Not only do they need to go grocery shopping, but they need to be able to use the kitchen for cooking. With little appetite, many older adults go without shopping or eating because it is easier. Setting up grocery or meal delivery is an easy way to ensure they get fresh foods without leaving their home.

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