3 Things to Know About the Workers Compensation Claims Process

You may need to file a workers compensation claim if you’ve been injured during an accident while on the clock or if you’ve gotten sick from something at work. It can be easy to avoid doing so: the process seems long and tedious, and you have more important and immediate things on your mind. However, an injury can severely impact your financial situation and cost you numerous work hours where you would have been getting paid. Filing that claim can be a major lifeboat in getting things back to normal. Here’s what to expect from the process to ease a little of that fear of the unknown.

  1. How Long Does It Take to Receive Payment?

The biggest concern when entering a claim process is how much time it will actually take. Every claim is different, and some can be quick while others drag on. You can ask your attorney for an estimate about your own case, though it may be difficult to predict. If you haven’t found an attorney, try googling one where you live like “Iowa workers compensation attorney” to get started.

  1. When Should You Settle a Claim?

Again, this can vary depending on individual cases. A lawyer should have a good idea of what a proper settlement is for your workers comp case. Settling prematurely can mean receiving far less payment than you deserve, so try to wait until you feel the payment is fair.

  1. Should You Accept a Lump Sum?

Accepting a lump sum as soon as it is available can be temping and beneficial for some people. It will allow you to pay off bills and other expenses immediately, which may be necessary for climbing out of debt. However, for others it can have negative impacts. Consult with your lawyer about the best course of action once you’ve won your case.

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