3 Times You Need a Family Law Attorney

Did you know there are many different types of lawyers that all have different focuses in specific areas of law? From business to corporate to property, the spectrum continues. That is why when you have a family legal issue, you need a family law legal representative that is current on all aspects of the legal system regarding family issues. Here are three of the many times you should hire a family law attorney.

  1. Paternity

If you get an unexpected phone call telling you that you have a child with an old flame, don’t accept responsibility for the child without establishing the infant’s paternity. You could be the biological father, but without genetic testing, you won’t know for sure. Contact an attorney and have him or her help you find out the truth before you take on 18 years of financial obligations.

  1. Divorce

Divorce is an emotional time filled with the constant give and take of two individuals that are trying to divide their world. Yes, ending a marriage is part of family law, as is the division of property; however, there is much more involved in divorce proceedings, including mediation, compromise, and alimony.

  1. Child Custody

Battling over children can be a long battle before, during, and after the divorce. To help you fight the long battle, find a custody lawyer Chandler AZ that knows how to help you find an equitable settlement with your ex-spouse. If you need to file a custody suit for your children, your attorney can help you understand the legal process and prepare you for the barrage of questions the judge may levy.

Family legal issues often require a family law attorney to handle the legal paperwork, the court meetings, and the other lawyer. If you find yourself with a family problem that requires legal help, give your attorney a call.


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