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3 Tips for Attracting Consumer Attention

As a retail store owner, customer foot traffic is important to your success. When planning your storefront display or creating a marketing strategy, consider the pet peeves of customers and the expectations for a quality experience. The first impression lays the foundation for the customer experience, and your storefront is a big part in creating a fabulous experience. Here are some tips for making the most of the first moments.

  1. Avoid Looking Like a Wreck

As a customer strolls past your storefront, they need to see that everything is in good working order. Your signage should be well lit and free from cracks, holes or burned-out bulbs. LED signs are a great way to present an inviting display and attract attention. Make sure your doors are working properly and not getting stuck. If you are having problems, reach out to an automatic door repair New York service to get it fixed. The sidewalk should be free of clutter and gaping holes, and your windows shouldn’t be cracked or too busy.

  1. Set Up an Inviting Display

Seasonal displays are a good way to continually engage the returning customer and attract attention from those out for a casual stroll. Create displays that highlight some of your most popular products, but don’t make the scenes too cluttered or irrelevant to your consumer base. Highlight the way the product solves a problem or meets a need in order to secure their full attention.

  1. Train Employees Well

Whenever possible, have employees greet each customer that enters your store. Let consumers know that they are noticed and welcomed. If possible, do so outside of the store, handing out samples or conducting demonstrations. Employees are the voice behind your look.

Don’t leave your store’s first impression up to chance. Carefully create a storefront that is visually engaging, free from flaws and hard to pass by without stopping.

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