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3 Types of Window Accessories

Windows help to bring together the interior and exterior of your home. Many people invest in window treatments for the inside to make the windows look less bare and homier. However, the outside of your home can look barren and impersonal. In addition to offering practical benefits in some cases, window accessories can give the exterior of your home some character by changing the way that the windows look from the street.

1. Window Grilles

Decorative window grilles typically attach to the window frame and dress up your windows in a particular style, one that may be considered more old-fashioned, classical, or timeless. There are also window grilles that attach to the exterior wall around the window and double as a security feature to help prevent break-ins.

2. Shutters

Today, window shutters tend to be primarily decorative. Some are not even operational. Rather, they are just veneers that add to the overall cozy impression of the home. You can usually tell false shutters because they are too small to cover the windows even if they could close. However, real shutters that are operational have several practical uses besides making your house look good. They can be closed to protect your windows from inclement weather or to control the amount of sunlight that enters your home. If you have real, operational shutters, you need an additional accessory called shutter dogs to keep them from flapping around in the wind.

3. Films

Films are functional accessories rather than aesthetic ones. They apply directly to the glass. They are transparent but work to cut down glare and block ultraviolet radiation from the sun. They work like a pair of sunglasses to protect the interior of your home. When you look outside, you may find that the view is clearer and sharper.

There are also accessories such as window locks and latches that help increase the security of your home.

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