4 Actions That Should Immediately Cause You to Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

No one begins their day thinking they will experience an injury later on in the day. When it happens, a whole host of ripple effects tends to happen. 

Most people don’t think that they should contact a personal injury lawyer shortly after receiving medical treatment. Many people erroneously believe that hiring a personal injury attorney makes them mean or wrong somehow. The fact is that the law states that whoever is responsible for the injury to another party can be held liable for loss, damages, medical expenses, and more. 

Here are four things that should encourage you to consult with a personal injury attorney immediately.

Your doctor told you to get an attorney

Doctors look at medical issues from a variety of sources. A doctor can see how a person’s life might be impacted in the long term after specific traumas and injuries. If they are telling you to get one now, that means they see or suspect things they may not be able to disclose to you. You should consult with a lawyer.

You are unable to work because of your injuries

Most people can’t afford to change careers on the fly. Not working because of your injuries creates a domino effect of negative things for you and your family. If the damage wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the entire burden of recovery.

You can’t afford the pile of medical bills

Statements of claims, bills, invoices, and individual letters with amounts billed and owed are confusing. You might even have started a box just for all of the paper that keeps coming. Sorting through it can be overwhelming. You aren’t getting clear answers from insurance companies or billing departments. You know that you won’t afford the ongoing medical care and mounting medical bills. 

Your employer refuses to help you with workers’ comp processes or paperwork

If you were injured on the job, your employer has specific requirements and policies to follow. You know, while you were on the job, you were following all of the safety protocols outlined by your employer. What you weren’t expecting was faulty machinery, an intoxicated co-worker, or something entirely different your employer should have prevented but didn’t. The human resources department advised you to fill out workers’ compensation claim forms, but they won’t help you clarify anything or answer basic questions. This behavior is troublesome. 

When you seek out a personal injury lawyer, do your best to stay local to your area. A local personal injury attorney will be more familiar with your local laws and court processes. For example, if your injury happened in Boulder or Denver, a Colorado personal injury lawyer will understand and work with local law enforcement more easily than someone, say from Phoenix. A qualified personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.


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