4 Natural Body Care Tips

Like face care, the body also deserves enough care and respect. It is essential to take care of your body at least once a week. Your hands, fingers, underarms, legs, feet all must be taken care of. It is true that we don’t give much importance to body care since the clothing covers them. The body care tells how clean and hygienic you are! Even though we are clean, hygiene by bathing, doing all the skincare, makeup, perfume, and step out, within a few hours, many of us smell bad. This is because of our underarm issues. They smell because the sweat has no way to go out, so we must make sure to clean them at least once a week. During summers, extra care is needed for the body due to excess sweating with natural body care products.

Here are the best natural body care tips that will help you in maintaining a clean and healthy body.

1.    Body Scrub:

We all generally exfoliate our face once or twice a week if we have dry skin, thrice, or more if we are prone to oily skin. When the face deserves care, then the body deserves to. Your body also needs exfoliation to shed away all the dead skin cells. Coffee is one of the best body scrubs for glowing skin, which could moisturize and exfoliate simultaneously. Once you exfoliate with the caffeine, you could feel the softness and glowy skin without even dampening.

2.    Moisturize:

One of the everyday body care products all of us use is body moisturizer. Choose them wisely based on your body type. If you have dry skin, make sure the moisturizer is quite thick and creamy. You can also look for body butter; they are a perfect option. When you are putting something in your face or body, make sure to check the ingredients list. Many of us are allergic to specific ingredients or chemicals; When you know more about the ingredients, the safer you use them.

3.    Under Arm Pack:

One of the most important parts which should be taken care of is the underarms. They make you feel bad and uneasy during essential occasions or meetings due to foul odor. At the same time, when you have a good time, they make you feel fresh and confident. One of the best natural body scrubs is coffee. You can take two spoons of coffee powder, add some besan, 2 – 3 drops of rosehip oil, and rosewater to make them into a thick consistency. Apply a thick mask on your underarms, and leave them for 15-20min. And wash them with warm water. Apply chemical-free deodorants so that they can help you from smelling.

4.    Hand and Feet Care:

Hand and feet also deserve our love to keep them smiling and dead skin-free. You can use the same coffee body scrub that you use for body exfoliation. If you are not a parlor person, some good vegan brands give quality products to their customers. If you have a busy schedule that you cannot do DIY, mCaffeine, a Vegan personal care brand is one of the best brands for body care and skin care products.

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