4 Roles of a Criminal Defense Attorney


When you need to go to court and defend yourself against criminal accusations, the last thing you are thinking about is learning the law! Most people who are summoned to court to face charges have no idea what their legal requirements on them are… and that’s where your criminal defense attorney comes into play.

The Criminal defense attorney you choose will represent you in the court system. They will speak for you where you don’t understand the court system jargon, and they will mediate any diplomatic negotiations of terms. In short, they are your representative in the court of law, and it is their aim to get you home to your family at the end of the day.

The 4 Roles of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Short of hiring a lawyer from Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office, what else can you do to protect yourself? For one thing, learning the role of your Criminal Defense Attorney is a great starting point…

1 – The Role of Advocate

First things are first: they are there to represent you. They advocate on your behalf, essentially becoming your voice in front of the judge. The American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Standards say the criminal justice lawyer is there to act as the accused’s counsel and encourage them towards gallant actions. This is describing the role of advocate, and it is often considered to be the first duty of all attorneys.

2 – The Role of Court Officer

A Criminal Justice Attorney also has a duty to the court. They must learn and abide by all of the rules and regulations therein, and might find themselves in contempt of court, otherwise. The attorney has a duty first to their client, but they must pass this knowledge to the client, in order to successfully represent them in court.

3 – The Role of Special Justice Minister

It is taught in law school that you need to be a truth-seeker in all aspects of your life if you want to be a criminal justice attorney. When you agree to become a lawyer, you agree to always abide by the laws of the land – whether you are on or off duty. Attorneys are often called upon to be a citizen of special justice, meaning they should be held accountable in both their business and their professional lives. It’s not that lawyers set themselves above others, it’s that the legal system holds them to this standard.

4 – Combining all of the Above 

The fourth and final role of the criminal justice attorney is to combine all of these elements into one place. It is only once you have all of these components together, that you can truly call yourself a professional criminal justice attorney. 

Combining the ability to represent you effectively, the ability to perform amicably in a court of law, and the ability to act with exemplary justice even in their personal lives, is a difficult process. The best of criminal justice attorneys manage all three, but each and every one ought to manage the first one, as a bare minimum. 

If you think your lawyer isn’t giving you enough time and energy, it’s time to look around for someone new. There are 4 roles of becoming a criminal justice lawyer… if they don’t know all four, it’s time to make the switch.

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