4 Situations That Every Facility Plan Should Cover

When your business has capital assets, a facility maintenance plan should be put into place to properly manage them. Even with the best regular upkeep, there are some situations that a plan cannot prevent. Every facility maintenance plan should be prepared for emergency situations to limit both damage and liability. 

  1. Storm Damage and Clean Up

Storms are largely out of your control. You can prepare for them to an extent, but unpredictable weather and changing forecasts make that difficult at best.

Flooding and wind damage from hurricanes and tropical storms can lead to water infiltrating buildings and storage structures. Vehicles may be submerged. Installing drainage systems and keeping them clear can reduce flooding. Keeping trees near buildings and parking areas can help limit damage from falling limbs. 

If you are in a cold climate, winter storms can pose risks, too. Heavy snow loads can cause roof and building collapse. Icing parking lots and walkways can lead to injury. Work to develop parking lot and roof snow removal plans to ensure that you can get back up and running quickly after a storm. 

  1. Power Outages

Do you know what systems would go down in the event of a power outage? This information should be part of your facility plan so problems can be addressed quickly. How you handle power outages will depend on the type of business you run and ho along the power will be out for. You may simply need a battery backup system for computer hardware. Or, you may need to invest in generators to keep equipment running.  

  1. Accidents and Injuries 

How you maintain your buildings and grounds can impact the overall safety of operations. Proper upkeep can reduce the chances of accidents and resulting injuries. Be sure to keep walkways clear, install secure handrails and guards, and maintain any equipment in proper working order. Having signage for spills or other hazards can make others aware of a potentially dangerous situation. 

No one likes to think about violence in the workplace, but it is a reality of our world. Be sure that your facility plan accounts for potentially violent situations like an irate employee or an active shooter. Everyone should be made aware of how to implement the plan to reduce potential injuries. 

  1. Fires and Explosions 

Quick action can save lives in the case of a fire, explosion or chemical leak. That is why it is so important that you have plans for handling these emergency situations outlined in your facility plan. Keep proper procedures, exit routes and emergency numbers visible for everyone. 

Maintenance is about more than keeping your business facilities looking great. It can also be a matter of safety. Developing a plan will help reduce liability and damage in the event that you are faced with an emergency situation. 


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