4 Steps the Pros Take To Create a Structural Design

The primary purpose for hiring an engineer from Edens structural Tulsa is to ensure your building will be around for a while. After all, when your home or business is not designed properly, it can crumble, bringing extreme loss and damage. If you’re wondering how the designer creates a stable building, here are the basic steps they are taught in their engineering program and what they entail. 

  1. Conceptual Designing

The first step is to design a building based on code requirements. This typically starts by establishing where load-bearing walls and other features can go. For instance, you don’t want a load-bearing column to be in the middle of your bedroom. Engineers will also use this step to ensure they include all the necessary elements to protect your home from prevalent natural disasters. 

  1. Determining the Internal Forces

Once the initial design is finished, the engineer will calculate the exact dimensions of each component. Then, they will create a digital analysis model in a computer program. Finally, the engineer will test this model to determine the internal forces on each component and ensure they will hold up to disasters, such as high winds and earthquakes. 

  1. Iterative Designing

After getting the results from the tests, they can recreate the design based on this information. Generally, these alterations can be completed using an automated computer program. Once complete, the new model will be entered into the program and retested to determine the internal forces. These steps are repeated until the design is sound. 

  1. Foundation Designing

Once engineers have established a final design, they will choose the best foundation for the building. They will consider factors, such as soil type and building weight, to choose the best materials and design. 

By working through these steps, structural engineers can create stable buildings. This means that you don’t have to worry about your home or business failing soon after it is built. 


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