5 best gift ideas for Husband 

We have always seen husbands spoiling their wives with expensive gifts and surprises. They are a yearlong Santa for all the wives. They try to make their wives feel special by their constant efforts of making them smile and cheer with joy. Husbands truly deserve a toast on their birthdays for all the hard work they do and how they carry the entire house on their bare shoulders. Gift him something special on his birthday that nobody else will ever think of! Be a creative wife and don’t forget to add a personal touch to the gift. Not only he’ll feel special but will also be amazed by your unique idea of giving him something different from the crowd. After all that’s husband and wife’s are for, to understand each other and make each other feel special and privileged. 

Here are a list of gift ideas you can give your husband on his birthday and make him feel really special: 

  1. Latest Iphone: This one is for all the tech savvy crazy husbands who love experimenting with new gadgets and give a hands down to all the latest technology. You can bid his usual phone a goodbye and give him the brand new iPhone on his birthday. You can’t doubt the idea of this gift as he’ll never say no to a brand new smartphone that too, Iphone. There are always some new models of the iPhone available in the market, you can choose the right iPhone as per your budget since you know the Iphone pricing range from mediocre to a higher level. Try choosing a black color for your husband as men love that color because it looks really classy. And if your husband already has the latest Iphone, you can choose to gift him other apple accessories like an Iwatch or airpods. 
  2. Weekend Getaway: While you have always seen the usual picture of husbands busy at work and getting stressed. The spark in their married life starts to dull over a period of time. To revoke that chemistry, spending quality time with each other is important. If you are looking forward to a great birthday gift for your husband than nothing’s more special than an intimate weekend getaway to a nearby place. You can give him a 3-4 small trip to an exotic location where it’s just the two of you to spend good memories. If you have the budget and your husband’s work schedule allows it you can also plan a small vacation to bahamas or bali. 
  3. Gold ornaments: Nothing’s precious than gifting your better half the purity of gold. This time with a little change where the wife is gifting the husband a gold ornament. Gold is always a good investment option considering it’s hiking prices. You can choose to gift your husband a gold chain or if he likes to wear rings then you can also opt for a minimalist design gold ring for your husband. This is surely going to be an amazing birthday gift for him and he’ll be surprised to receive it. 
  4. Personalised designer Cake: Birthdays are always complete with a sweet treat. A good cake sets the level of a party sky high. Choosing the right cake for your husband’s birthday is really important. Go beyond the usual vanilla and chocolate cakes and add the creative touch to the cake by ordering a unique designer cake specially hand baked for your husband. If your husband is a doctor, you can choose a doctor’s design cake where they will show a doctor’s coat and other equipment of the doctor or if your husband loves Photography, you can even order a camera shaped cake which is actually edible. You can order the special cake online and make combos by adding a bouquet, pen or a greeting card with the cake and send cake to Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi or wherever you want the cake to be delivered. 
  5. Personalised wine glasses: Stylish wine glasses that are personalised with your own names make a wonderful gift idea for any couple who loves to celebrate any occasion together . You can get the wine glasses customised with quirky quotes and romantic messages to make it even more captivating and appreciation worthy from your husband. There are many shapes of wine glasses available, choose a classy shape and get it customised and sip the best of red wine with your spouse. 

So these were the gift ideas you can give to your husband on his birthday. We hope you liked the ideas and now you’ll have a clear idea of what to give your husband on his Birthday . Besides choosing the right gift don’t forget to spend this special day together, you can opt for a candle light dinner at home where you can cook all his favourite dishes or you both can go out to your favourite romantic restaurant to celebrate it. Make sure to shower him with love before giving him a precious gift. Confess your heart out and say I love you to him in your style once again. 

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