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6 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

After a long, stormy winter, your home may need some tender-loving-care in return for the protection it offered your family for all those dreary months. You may have a maintenance list, but if you are like many homeowners, time may fly during the spring, and you can find summer quickly approaching. Before you find yourself drowning in home maintenance repairs, why not take one from the following list to do each weekend. You will find yourself quickly caught up on your home maintenance for spring.

  1. Gutters

Under the weight of heavy ice or debris, your gutters can sag or pull away from your home. Make sure the channels are secure, and that water can flow freely through the tubes during any heavy rains.

  1. Windows

Spring is a great time to caulk around windows and check for broken panes. Don’t forget to check doors for cracks in old caulking, too. Any small crack can allow water intrusion into your home during summer storms.

  1. Roof

Although manufacturers claim your roof will last for 25 years, most don’t. Windy winter storms can rip tiles and shingles off homes with ease. If you find winter battered your home, contact a roof repair Lake County IL company to secure the tiles or shingles before another storm moves through the area.

  1. Cement

Your sidewalks, steps, and driveways are all vulnerable to cracking during winter freezes. When the cold finally dissipates, take time to check for small cracks or chips in the surface that can easily be repaired. If you catch the problems when they are small, you won’t need to have the area replaced next year.

  1. Appliances

Homeowners use their appliances nearly every day, but few consider the simple maintenance those machines need once a year. Vacuum dirt and grime from under and behind the units. Check hoses for possible cracks or drips, and don’t forget to replace the filters.

  1. Decking

Winter can leave your deck bleached and cracked. If you live in a wet climate, you could even find yourself facing a deck with mossy slime. Don’t let the summer continue to destroy your decking fabric, call in decking crew to see what needs to be replaced.

Home maintenance may not be the most exciting way to spend a weekend, but if you break the tasks down, you can quickly get them done. Protecting your home will help it protect you during the storms that are sure to rear their torrential heads next winter.

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