6 Types Of Exotic Dancers You Can Find In A Strip Club

Strip club dancers come in different types, shapes and sizes. They also have different attitudes and punters are attracted to specific types for different reasons. Dancers in strip clubs come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. It’s easy to be drawn by beauty and a hot body but that is not all that attract guys to a lady.  Club owners know this and they will make sure they can cater to different tastes.

Here are 6 types of dancers you will find in a club:

  1. The Hustler

Hustlers are all about the money. And all of the thing they are meant l knows how to start small, grab your attention an escalate thing to make the most money. She will flirt and make you think you are special. She will tease you and get you believing that there is more at the end of the song. This is a girl who hates long songs that will keep her on the stage for a long time. She is a flasher at best but the best kind there is. 

  1. The College Student

When a stripper says she is only doing what she is doing to pay for college, chances are that it’s true. However, she may end up liking the money more than the idea of going to college to study nursing. She will eventually drop out. He lure of money is strong and some dancers make more money that college graduates working ordinary 9 to 5 jobs. 

  1. The Weekender

It seems like there are more Melbourne strippers on weekends than on most nights. It is understandable that there would be more entertainment over the weekend. They come from neighboring towns to entertain gamblers, strip clubs and bucks parties. The money is good and you can make a lot of money if you can get a gig. 

  1. The Addict

The girl dances because she needs the money to feed a habit. Contrary to popular belief, not all Melbourne strippers are drug addicts taking of their clothes to feed a habit. The upside is that she is oblivious to the guys ogling her nakedness or being rude, the downside is that she’ll never make enough money because the more she uses the more she will need. Drugs also take a toll on a person’s body. This kind of girl is one that club owners will not hire addicts because of all the baggage she carries with her.  

  1. The Professional

The professional has been around for a while. She knows all the tricks and usually gets first preference because has the experience. The Professional is the one who headlines special shows. The regulars know her and her face is probably plastered all over the club. She knows what the customers want. She knows how to enthrall the audience, make the men feel like she has eyes only for them. She knows what buttons to push, how far s is excellent at customer service and is proud of her job. You should see her business card collection. 

  1. The Rookie

The Rookie is the new girl at the club. She might be shy, it might be her first time and she may need some coaxing. She is probably still battling with morality issues and won’t do anything freaky on stage or in a champagne room. Someone usually takes her under her their wing, shows her the ropes and tries to get her over her initial shyness. 

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