7 Ways to Preserve Cherished Memories

There are moments in life that are memorable and forever to be cherished. This moment can be your greatest achievement or a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence that changed the history of your life.

Since no one has been able to invent the machine that would make freezing time possible, there are other more straightforward and less time-consuming ways for preserving our cherished memories.

Whether you wish to hand these pieces down through your descendants as a legacy or you want to be able to revisit that particular time after years has passed, here are seven ideas for preserving the memories important to you:

Take pictures

With the advent of the cellphone and digital cameras, it is now easy to take a thousand and one pictures every day. This is unlike the early times when it took a lot of time, preparation and a tedious technique to develop a single photo.

The main benefit that images provide is that you can capture the moment exactly when it happens, especially when such a moment is transient.

Although taking pictures personally is excellent for capturing memories; having your photos taken professionally is an excellent way to adequately capture the emotions and dynamics that are significant to reliving a moment.

You can hire a family photographer to take photos of your family that will serve as timeless pieces.

Capture videos

Most of the people born in the ’90s grew up with old home videos that chronicled everyday family life as well as special events.

This is quickly becoming a lost act due to technological advances, but recording videos remains a very poignant method of preserving memories.

A video captures more nuances than a picture can, and it usually helps you to recall a moment in a more exact manner.

Keep records

Sometimes, you might not be able to adequately capture a cherished moment at the exact time it happens.

In this kind of situation, getting the event recorded while the memory and resulting emotions are still fresh in your mind is essential.

You can describe the moment in a journal or diary or get a friend or relative to interview you and keep audio, video or written records.

Create a time capsule

A time capsule is a message to the future that can transport you to the exact time and place that a moment occurred. This is a fast-growing trend.

It contains objects that were of utmost significance during the period of a particular event.

Typical components of a time capsule are newspaper clippings from the date that the preserved memory occurred, pictures, heirlooms, keepsakes and any other thing that evokes a specific memory.

Keep a memento

Most of your cherished memories will be associated with a particular object which can be used as a keepsake for remembering that special event in the future.

If your favourite memory is your wedding day, your dress, a piece of jewellery or even a ribbon can help you relive all the emotional sensations that pictures can not quite capture.

If possible, add a little note detailing the history behind the object so that you and your family can be able to treat the object with the reverence it deserves in the future.

Keep a photo album or scrapbook

It is one thing to take as many pictures as you can, and it is a whole other thing to make them tell a story adequately. The art of keeping photo albums is a time-honoured tradition that has continued to serve a significant purpose of creating a timeline for a family’s history.

Recently, scrapbooks have grown popular due to the added advantage of being able to attach important notes and keepsakes along with your pictures.

With some consistent time and energy, you can create albums or scrapbooks that will keep your memories for years.

Proper storage

After you might have captured your dearest memory on film, digitally, or any other way, utmost care should be taken in storing them as mishandling can result in their loss.

For photos and documents, keep them away from moisture and chemicals. Due to the ease and amount of security that the internet can provide, you can scan to these documents and upload them to the cloud for safekeeping.

Your digital pictures and videos should also be adequately backed up. Heirlooms and keepsakes should be kept in boxes or cases to maintain their integrity and prevent damage.

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