8 Things to Consider While Buying a New Mobile

Smartphone has become an important part and parcel of our life and there are various brands and models available in the market when it comes to mobile phones. Buyers do get confused before purchasing a new mobile as the variety available in both the online and offline stores is pretty extensive. Certain points should be considered before buying a new mobile:

  • Built Quality

The first thing to consider is the build of the product. Mainly it is classified into two parts; metal and plastic. A limited-edition of glass-coated panels can also be located in the market. But metal or plastic is ideal as damage caused due to dropping the phone is lesser.


  • Display

The user uses a mobile for various activities, and this decides the ideal size of the screen which they would prefer to buy. If the user likes to stream video often, download videos or movies, then the display range from 5.5-6 inches is ideal and worth buying. QHD or Full-HD resolution is also good. A very big screen size like 6 inches is not worth buying for a user who mostly uses the phone for making calls and checking messages or emails.

  • Processor

The processing power of the device varies depending upon operating system version, bloat ware, UI, etc. Any user who multitasks on the device like streaming videos, editing photos/documents, etc. should plan to buy a Smartphone with the fastest processor.

  • Camera

This is one of the most important aspects influencing the buying decision. Camera Aperture, ISO levels, autofocus, pixel size, etc. can be considered before the product is purchased. The higher number of pixels means that the picture quality will be clearer and sharper. A buyer passionate about photography may consider buying a device with 12 or 16 MP sensor under f/2.0 or lower aperture for shots in low-light.


  • Battery

The user makes use of the battery as per their requirement. If the person makes use of apps, plays games, streams videos, etc. on the device than the battery should be at least 3500mAh or even above. For average users, the new mobile with a 3000mAh battery will be good enough.


  • User-Interface

The OS version and user-interface are the main factors to consider while buying the device. The user-interface should be user-friendly and simple.


  • Storage

The device comes wrapped with in-built apps and features which take a large part of the storage. If the user wants to keep lesser number of applications, then buying the device with 32GB is ideal. On the other hand, users who like to keep a large number of apps should consider buying a device with storage 64GB or 128GB variants. 16GB supports micro-SD cards as well which can accommodate more storage.

  • Security and Extra Features

Fingerprint or iris sensors are the new security features, which are available on latest mobile phones. This is used for locking/unlocking the phone and accessing important data on the phone. Extra security features are good for users who use the phone extensively for numerous purposes.

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