A complete guide to buy Mazda CX-30 in 2020

The car segment in Malaysia is coming up with various new models and brands this year. One of the great releases in the car industry is Mazda CX-30 2020. If you are willing to buy Mazda CX-30 and you do not have any idea about the things that should know before purchasing a car, this guide will give you complete details of the requirements.

How to buy a car in Malaysia?

It is always better to buy vehicles made by Malaysia especially when you are shopping for vehicles locally. Imported cars are higher in price as compared to the locally developed cars. Here mentioned are few steps to buy a car in Malaysia:

Firstly, you need to have all the documents like- valid driving license, passport, pay slips of the last 3 month, bank statement of last 3 months, Employees provident fund and Letter from company.  Once you have all the documents, you can now apply for a financial loan, car insurance, road tax and you have to register the car with the RTD. Meanwhile, in the process, the seller will handle all the paperwork and will get ready to deliver your car.

Where can you find a car?

If you want to get all the latest updates of a car, you can check out the top websites which are available like You can get updates and information on new car launches, reviews, videos, images and all the relevant information about the new car. However, if you want to buy new cars, you have to visit the local websites like Perodua Malaysia or Proton Malaysia. However, you have to be very careful I you are an expat because there are unreliable dealers and because you are a new buyer, there are high probabilities of getting ripped off.

How to pay for buying a car?

The method of payment will largely depend on the investment that you are making on the car. If you wish to buy a high-end car, then you need to advance a loan for that. The higher the amount of loan, higher will be the monthly installments. If you are buying a second hand model, and you have fund accumulation in a bank account outside the country, the best way is to use online portals that help in cheaper transfer of money abroad.

What are the things you should know about driving a car in Malaysia?

It might be a bit inconvenient for the expats who are not aware of the road culture of Malaysia. You need to keep your nerves strong for driving in this country. Apart from this, you also have to get used to the heavy traffic of Malaysian roads as well as with the motorcycles and speeding cars. Get a toll pass because there are a lot of highway taxes. With this, you should now be able to buy a new car in Malaysia!

Which driving laws you need to be aware of?

Driving in Malaysia is done on the left side because it is a British colony. The laws are fairly standard in Malaysia. For example, you will be imposed fines and penalties for exceeding a particular speed limit or if you have been found drunk while drinking.


It is very important to own a car in Malaysia. The price will vary depending upon on whether you are purchasing the vehicles on a local basis or you are importing them. However, if you wish to get the best price, you should always purchase locally made vehicles. Now that you are aware of the requirements to buy a car, Get ready to hit the road!

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