A Guide to Learn About the Famous Oil Paintings That Mesmerized People

Art is the divine way to express a person’s emotions. Nowadays many people are following different Forms of their passion. From ancient times people are more towards art and culture. Also, it plays a great role in helping people to learn about the process of civilization. People in earlier timeshaveportrayed various important events in the form of painting.

Where to get the best paintings in the market?

If you are looking for an artist for a beautiful painting then you are at the right place. Lana zueva oil painting artistcan help you with the most beautiful paintings. The painting artist Lana zueva is a Russian-born artist. His works include portraits, still life, animals, and landscape. He is also well experienced in other different techniques of painting.

About Lana zueva

Lana zueva is a full-time artist. Born in Russia and now staying in Australia. He begins his journey as a painter at an art school when he visited the tretiakovskaya gallery, where he fell for the art and realized his passion. Then in art school with the help of mentors, he learned various techniques of art. So, this is the story of Lana zueva.

History of oil painting in Europe

This painting was first accepted by Dutch in Europe with time it became more and more popular among people. Even many artists provided the world with their masterpieces. However, later many painters replaced oil painting with tempera painting another known technique of painting.

Famous Oil paintings

At an earlier age, many great painters impressed the whole world with their talents through their legendary paintings, which are still appreciated among people. Let’s know about some of the famous paintings:

  • Mona Lisa painting: it is one of the most famous paintings by the great painter of all time Leonardo da Vinci. It is a painting of a woman, but, it is most famous because of its confusedfacial expression, and itsatmospheric illusion that impresses people. It was believed to be done between 1503-and 1506.
  • The starry night: It Is a beautiful painting of a dark blue night filled with stars. It was made by Vincent van Gogh in the year 1889. It is renowned as the artist’sMagnum opus. It was said that it is the night view from his window in the asylum. Currently, it is located at the museum of modern art, New York.
  • The night watch: is a famous painting done by the great Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn in 1642. It is known for Rijn’s great work on light and shadow to create tenebrism. Currently, it is located in the Rijks museum.
  • Girl with pearl earrings: it is the painting of a beautiful woman with a beautiful turban and pearl earrings made by great painter Johanns Vermeer. It is an oil on canvas type of painting currently situated in Mauritshuis, TheHague.


Now you have plenty of ideas about the above-mentioned painting techniques. If you are looking for a painting then you can contact Lana zueva and can shop for painting online.

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