A Year In The Life of a Fashion Blogger…

It’s been a whole year since I gave up my life in London to ‘make it’ somewhere new, and that somewhere new was Manchester. I’ve hardly spoken about it on here (or anywhere) and it feels so weird to not really be known in Manchester as anyone – not in an entitled way, just in a way that all of my friends are part of the London blogging scene and now I’m pretty much riding solo and had never set foot in Manchester before that day I arrived here to start my job.

It’s such a tight knit community here and in honesty, it kinda sucks to not be a part of it. Starting a new life isn’t easy, especially when you’re older and finished with uni. Everyone has their own little lives already and you just kind of sail into the new city blindfolded and have to fumble your way around unguided to survive.

So, I’ve fumbled my way around for the first year of my life here and while I still seemingly am not part of anyone’s friendship group, I’ve been keeping my head down and working hard at what I do have – work, work and work. To most, it’s probably like I’ve been in hiding for a whole year and I pretty much have. I’ve been running back and forth to London as though I never left, calling up my friends every day to make sure I’m still in the group, showing up at events when I am around and completely leaving the part out where I live at the opposite side of the country. My bad. Anyway, summer is here now, my beautiful Oakley sunglasses have been dusted off and things are looking brighter, figuratively and in reality.

It’s hard to admit that you’ve left your home when you already feel so secluded and are afraid of experiencing even more exclusion – but I think after a whole annum, it’s probably time to admit that I’m a Londoner no more, but a Mancunian in training – and it’s only fitting that I’m wearing Lavish Alice when I do so.

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