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All you need to know about gypsum board

Gypsum board, gypsum board, or gypsum board

~~ A complete file for everything related to gypsum board .. Ceilings, partitions and designs ~~

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Bishop gypsum boarded

From A to Z

The advantages and properties of gypsum board ..

Types and uses …

Its materials used for installation and comparison

Proper installation methods ..

Common mistakes

A review of some of the works that were carried out … with the installation steps

Questions and answers .. for the problems that occur …

Plasterboard or gypsum board

(Gypsum boards)

They are gypsum boards .. Of mixture .. Gypsum, silicon and fiberglass, and coated with a layer of treated cardboard

It is the result of a technology of German origin .. It appeared to be an alternative to false ceilings and walls

Gypsum boards are made of 120 cm x 240 cm and there are also other sizes of length

From 180 cm to 400 cm ,, but it is not available in the market

Despite the many types of these panels and their advantages .. There are only three types on the market:

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Ordinary gypsum board

It is coated in ivory or white cardboard from one of the faces to be ready to paint directly

The other side is in gray, according to the company, and a side sticker in blue

It is used for all interior works and walls … except for bathrooms, kitchens and areas with high humidity

Fire resistant gypsum board

And it should be coated with a layer of cardboard like the normal gypsum board .. with different side adhesive and it comes in red color

It is preferred to use it with walls .. It can be used with ceilings .. There is a slight difference in the price

Gypsum board, fire and moisture resistant, together

This is the best kind, as it is coated with a layer of cardboard and the gypsum heart contains a good percentage

Made of silicone and fiberglass .. The green layer is double-sided, and the adhesive is also green

This type is used in bathrooms, kitchens and areas with great humidity

It is preferred to use it in the whole house because of its specifications.

 The price of these panels is a little more expensive than the regular fire-resistant panels.

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And all these types are .. with a thickness of 9.5 mm or 12.5 mm depending on the manufacturer .. and it is also manufactured with a thickness

15 and 18 mm, but it is rare in the market and comes with a special stamp from the agent or manufacturer

Al-Ahlia Gypsum Company is considered a pioneer in the manufacture of these materials … and there are other companies

Such as Al-Mada, Kuwaiti, or National … and other companies

Features and characteristics of gypsum boards

 Fast completion, high quality in final finishing, and leaves no residue and dirt like regular gypsum

 Ease of maintenance of electrical and sanitary connections and installations, and adaptation … later

It is light in weight for the decoration and other finishing..and it has no effect on the structural structure

Especially the partitions and walls .. It is highly recommended

 Excellent moisture insulator .. Full insulation can be used using thermal wool or white cork

 The possibility of using it in creating mobile or fixed partitions for offices and buildings.

 Ceiling height control and partitions and walls control .. It is the fastest execution method and is durable

Fissures do not appear over time if they are implemented in the correct manner

Now we come to the very important stage, which is the Gypsum Board and its source of strength

It is … the iron network

The iron network is the cause of most of the problems that homeowners suffer from and is the cause

In gypsum fall, cracks or imbalance … and others

And it must be emphasized on the technician to do the iron mesh using the best materials, and the superintendent of the decoration should review the iron mesh and check the scale, alu, heights and dimensions between the iron as it represents an important factor to ensure the quality of the gypsum board work

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Paint and finish gypsum board

It is used in the process of separating paste (fabric tube) .. where it is affixed to all the separators on the boards

In order to stick together and make it easier for the paste to stick …

How to install putty

This stage is considered very important, because it has a clear impact on the smoothness and aesthetic appearance.

If this method is implemented, the gypsum ceiling appears after finishing with one level, free from shreds and corrugation

An engineer is advised during delivery.

After finishing the paste … a paste is made of putty using an electric coding machine

And then manually, then paint a water primer primer … and then treated with putty again if there are defects or holes

Then it is preferable to make a base layer … and then paint two layers of plastic paint …

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