Are You Staying In? Here’s How To Throw an Amazing Virtual Game Night!

As the coronavirus pandemic has pushed us all indoors, we’re adapting to technology more than ever. From virtual celebrations to game nights, it’s totally changing the scenario. Despite lockdowns and self-isolation, everyone’s trying to meet each other digitally. If you wonder how they’re doing it and whether or not these platforms even solve the purpose, take a look at these apps and online services to add vitality to your socially distanced social life. 

1. Houseparty 

What makes this one unique and popular is that you can connect your gang (maximum eight members) over a video session while seamlessly playing online games like Pictionary and Trivia. So you can chat and play simultaneously. In fact, you can also pull your social media connections for a better experience.

2. Zoom

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Zoom today. Although it’s primarily used for official video conferencing, it’s equally great for happy hours and virtual meetups. You can create a call for your game night with a maximum limit of 40 minutes, and the gang (or around 100 members) can join in. It’s that easy!

3. Skype 

Although Skype isn’t the best and easiest option to use, it’s doable. Using it on mobile is relatively more comfortable than the desktop version. It’s more in use for video conferencing and lacks any quirky features like Houseparty, but we know it’s the most reliable entertainment source. Get the app and call your buddies for free video chats and share the space to play anything at the comfort of your home.

4. Tabletop Simulator

Since regular board game nights are off the table right now, digital equivalents are a relief. Tabletop Simulator, in particular, has no set of rules that your machine enforces – players have a fair play very much like traditional board games. It offers chess, checkers, and jigsaw puzzle, along with some flabbergasting games, like Cosmic Encounter. Plus, it supports both voice and text chat for around ten members at once. 

5. Squad

Want to share your phone screen with your pack and show them an enthralling game, a funny visual meme, or any exciting piece of content? Get squad! It has no agenda, no goals – you just exchange stuff with your buddies and create a social space that seamlessly blends the physical and digital worlds in a way that works wonders.


So don’t feel upset if you cannot invite your friends over for a fun game night. Organize a virtual one on platforms like Tabletop Stimulator or Houseparty and have fun playing Jigsaw Puzzle, Trivia, Battle games, and more.


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