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Best Lighting Ideas Using a Long and Linear Modern Chandelier for Your Home

The linear chandelier is the best option to brighten your rooms. When you have a compact room, linear light bars can keep you feeling spacious and have minimalist vibes. Linear chandeliers are generally found in restaurants above the long rectangular coffee table. Modern linear chandeliers with glass and brass finishing are designed to install above long dining tables at homes too.

You can buy online a brass finish gold linear chandelier from Sofary for your dining room and kitchen island. Sofary in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., has a global supply chain to directly source the latest designed lighting styles at affordable prices. With expert designers, craftsmen, and manufacturing specialists, they ensure premium quality lightings throughout the production process.

They have a 30 days refund policy. Their linear chandelier has a 35.4” adjustable rod to suit any kind of ceiling height.

What is a Modern Linear Chandelier?

A linear chandelier is a series of horizontal light fixtures often hung by a vertical bar or chain. The vertical bars are adjustable to fit any height of the ceiling for proper illumination of the room. They are available in variety of designs, types, shades, and framework with different sets of bulbs and finishing.

Linear chandeliers are designed to have few to many bulbs for efficient lighting of small or big rooms. With bulbs and golden brass finishing, they provide classy industrial and rustic modern décor. Some areas like long retail, warehouses, and office spaces, which were more difficult to light, employ linear chandeliers for lighting effects.

Advantages of using linear chandelier lighting

Linear chandelier increases the value of a home by adding elegant and simple lighting with a clean look. They are cheaper but very adorable than other types of chandeliers. You can easily find it online or at local stores for its bulbs and shades. Linear chandeliers use energy-saving bulbs that save your monthly electric bill.

Linear lighting is popular due to its flexibility, performance, and artistic look. Linear lighting can be mounted into any type of ceiling. They have connecting shapes in different forms to create unique and eye-catching designs to fit any of your rooms.

Some of the uses of linear chandelier

Linear chandeliers are used for home, retail, and industrial lighting purpose. Below are a few types of linear chandeliers and their uses –

  1. Dining Rooms – A large dining room with a long table will be the best place to install a linear island pendant chandelier. They provide an elegant brightness and luxurious look to your dining room. A crystal raindrop linear chandelier will serve as an eye-catching piece of design.
  2. Kitchens – Kitchen is often spacious enough to equip with linear chandeliers. It provides a good amount of light to every corner of the kitchen. A linear island pendant chandelier is designed to provide white and natural lighting to your kitchen. It comes with a dimmer to set the amount of ambiance you require.
  1. Bathrooms – Linear chandeliers are used in luxurious and elegantly designed bathrooms and commercial toilets. Being a good source, gives you a clear vision while grooming in front of the mirror. Linear sputnik chandelier looks charming and stunning with a vibrant glare in large bathrooms.
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