Best Practices for Nighttime Construction Crews

Construction during the overnight hours can offer many benefits to your crews, including better temperatures, less traffic and light control. Working at night can decrease the number of injuries due to heat and improve the productivity of your team during the summer months. Here are a few things to put in place when you want to set up a night schedule.


The major benefit of working at night is the ability to control the location and brightness of construction light towers Washington. You will need to determine the size of the illuminated area, what size lights you will need, how many lights to set up and how to reduce glare. Artificial lights can make dust more visible, which means a spray of water over the area may be necessary.

Safety Gear

Bright orange vests and steel-toed boots are a crucial part of the job at any time of day. When working at night, reflective elements on clothing are essential for safety. There are different levels of reflective gear available so each member of your crew has the optimal uniform.


Any construction process can be noisy with the number of tools and heavy equipment used. The use of noise barriers and curtains can help you stay under the maximum decibel levels allowed by the authorities in your area so you don’t end up with a fine. Be aware of the noise levels that come from backup alarms, jackhammers, diesel engines, grinding machines and idling engines on heavy machinery. Reduce the use of these items, order items that have advanced noise muffling technology or get creative in the ways you can block the sounds to prevent complaints.

You’ll come across a unique set of benefits and obstacles when working at night. A thorough plan can help your project succeed and allow your employees to work efficiently.

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