Best Types of Armored Personnel carriers

Armored vehicles and carriers have become extremely popular in today’s world. The armored personnel carriers are mostly used for military purposes, but it is necessary to note that they can serve other purposes pretty good too. Ever since World War I, the APCs have been in extensive usage.

Safety and security have been everyone’s prime concern. We tend to expect these from our vehicles too, and this is only possible if we have cars nearby. The security vehicles are mostly used for offering protection to celebrities, politicians, and military services. These are meant to offer security. One of the most prominent benefits of armored vehicles is that it can easily withstand fatal attacks such as bullets, bombs, and more.

Different types of armored vehicles are available in the market, each designed to meet your particular requirements. Any vehicle to be identified as armored needs to meet different criteria, one of the main ones being protection against different types of attacks. Nowadays, people pay special attention to style and innovation as well for a better idea.

Every armored vehicle is designed thoroughly, keeping in mind all the requirements for maintaining safety. If you have been considering to buy an armored vehicle, here are some of the best.

  • Volkswagen Phaeton

Designed by Volkswagen, Phaeton has a special design and is expected to meet the requirements of special projects. Not only is it comfortable, but it offers a hint of luxury, from its interiors as well as exteriors.

The exterior of the car is armored plated, thereby offering protection against different types of attacks. Phaeton was used extensively to protect German professionals, Pope, and European officials.

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Limousine

The first word that pops in your head as soon as you hear Rolls-Royce is luxury. Once you are out on the streets with Rolls-Royce, everyone will eventually pay attention to it.

Even in today’s time, not a lot of people are aware of the fact that Rolls-Royce is an armored vehicle. People mostly use Rolls-Royce because it is a highly secure vehicle.

  • Range Rover

Range Rover is one of the most popular armored vehicles. It is bullet-resistant and can withstand various damages. Moreover, it runs on flat tires, thereby proving to be secure. It is resistant to the explosion as it has side blast grenade protection and sealing gas tanks.

You need to get in touch with professionals so as to get your hands on the best-armored vehicle. The Troy Armoring company is one of the most prominent places where you can find a range of armored vehicles.

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