Brief Description of Indian Police Service

The Indian Police Service is the IPS full form. Candidates who are accepted into the IPS program will be given senior positions in federal and state police departments, you also get opportunity to learn with UN or Nato (Nato full form). Article 312 of India’s constitution established the Indian Police Service once the country’s new constitution went into effect.

How to Become an IPS Officer?

Top-ranked candidates who have chosen IPS as their preferred service are given IPS. Eligibility criteria and exam pattern, and curriculum for the Union Public Service Commission CSE exam must be known by candidates who want to become IPS officers by taking the UPSC CSE exam. The eligibility requirements and exam format for the UPSC CSE are detailed here. Note: IAS coaching in Delhi fees is somewhat high but worth taking coaching.

Criteria for Eligibility to Join the IPS

Candidates interested in joining the IPS must meet the following requirements before taking the UPSC CSE exam. Here are the eligibility requirements:

Candidates for UPSC IPS vacancies must be citizens of India to be considered.

To be eligible, the candidate must be at least 21 years old and no older than 32 years old as of August 1, 2021.

Exam Pattern for IPS Full Form –

The preliminary test consists of two 200-mark papers, while the main exam includes nine required papers, two of which are optional. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the IPS test format.

Exam Pattern for the IPS Prelims

Objective-type questions make up the UPSC Prelims, an offline examination. A total of 400 points are awarded for passing the test (two compulsory papers of 200 marks each). All papers have a 2-hour time limit, with an additional 20 minutes allotted for blind or visually handicapped applicants. In addition to Hindi and English, this document is available in both languages.

Exam Pattern for the IPS Mains Examination

IPS Mains is a paper-and-pencil test. In all its objective and subjective aspects, this study is unique. In the Mains, each paper is worth 250 points. There are nine papers with questions in Hindi and English (two of which are qualifying). Each paper in the UPSC IPS has a three-hour time limit.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Ministry of Home Affairs governs IPS officers (MHA). In addition, an IPS officer is expected to fulfill a variety of other duties due to promotions and deputations.

  1. Keeping the peace and order in the community.
  2. Services and obligations at the border
  3. coordination with other Native American organizations
  4. VIP protection
  5. Security and safety on the railways
  6. Disaster Response and Recovery.
  7. Social and economic regulations are enforced.
  8. Involvement in policymaking in ministries and departments as heads of department
  9. It’s time to fight economic crime.

What are the Skills and Qualities required becoming a/an IPS Officer?


A police officer’s ability to properly communicate is critical, especially when interacting with the general population. When confronted with a potentially dangerous circumstance, such as a suspect who may be armed and dangerous, you must be forceful and specific in your orders.

It’s essential to have good decision-making skills:

Every day is different for a police officer, so you never know what to expect. Because of this, you must have the mental agility and clarity to act quickly and decisively in high-stress situations.

Physical Endurance:

Maintaining a baseline degree of physical fitness is vital for young police officers throughout training and on patrol. There are times when you’ll need the ability to restrain suspects or give chase on foot (as long as you do so legally).

Building Trust:

Constant communication with citizens and connecting with their coworkers are essential for police officers who want the public to have faith in them. Relationships with the public, local leaders and the media all influence the perception of law enforcement.

On the other hand, a select handful jumps right into the Indian Revenue Service without a second thought also a great decision. The Indian Police Service, or IPS, is the most highly regarded and resented position in the Indian police. It’s not easy to become an IPS officer, but it’s also not impossible. After a few years of hard work and dedication, you will be able to join the IPS and advance your career. All these services curb satta matta matka like nefarious elements or illegally running works.

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