Building the Customized Robo-Advisor of Your Dreams with Bambu

Wealth management is important in most organizations where money is their focal point. The volatile nature of investments across client goals force financial advisors to use wealth management software that can help them effectively manage their relationships with their clients and know what they need. The white label custom robo advisor solution from Bambu is the best option for financial advisors who have multiple clients with different kinds of goal-based financial planning. Customizing wealth management tools is the only digital solution to meet your clients’ needs and wants.

Bambu has two solid wealth management platforms. The Bambu GO is perfect for businesses that only require a simple and out-of-the-box financial planning tool. On the other hand, Bambu BUILD is designed for financial advisors who have different sets of goals for their clients. You can easily streamline your services and processes on a user-friendly platform that’s extremely innovative and packed with amazing features to reach your financial goals. Learn more here.

Digital Wealth Management Software with Fantastic Features to Boot

The beauty of building your own wealth management tool is you can get the best app filled with the best features. You can have it built with the specs that you want. No more information overload or unnecessary APIs to use when you have everything done to your specifications. Bambu BUILD is jam-packed with revolutionary features. It has the best technology, public & private cloud-hosting, and it is multi-language compatible breaking language barriers across your multiple clients.

Bambu BUILD is usually connected to your custodian, it has apps for both clients and advisors so everybody is on the same page, it is integrated with your internal systems, and it is goal-based financial planning. You can set your clients’ goals to ensure that everything is met on the way. Make digital solutions easier and faster with Bambu BUILD. The Robo-advisor of the future, making sure all the needs and wants of clients are put first. 

The Wide Range of Features that Bambu BUILD Has

Bambu BUILD has a wide range of features that makes wealth management easier for both advisors and clients. This is the preferred choice for those looking for a fully-customized Robo-advisor that can help them manage their clients’ wealth easier and faster. These features include a Tailored profiling and Investment process, which lets you design a customer onboarding process that meets your requirements and expectations for a smoother and seamless experience. You also have unfiltered access to the API Library that lets you use Bambu’s cutting-edge AI features that can help you build the perfect wealth management platform.

Bambu lets you choose a custodian of your own. Bambu already has connections with the world’s leading financial institutions, but you can always use your own without a problem! Easily host your solution on both private & public cloud hosting platforms of your choice. Lastly, break the language barrier with this excellent multilingual platform, where you have various options of language to use for your clients. The possibilities are endless when using Bambu’s customized Robo-advisor that can cater to your every need.

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