Buying a new TV? All about selecting the right wall mount!

Flat-screen televisions have transformed our viewing experience forever. From widescreen & ultrawide screens, to 4k televisions and more, features are only getting better. If you have decided to replace your old television for a new one, you have to buy a few extra accessories. To connect the TV with a projector or computer, you may want to get a PrimeCables DVI cable, and of course, you need a mount. TV mounts are inexpensive and work as great replacements to standalone desks. In this post, we are sharing all you need to know about selecting the right wall mount for your new screen.

Think beyond fixed mounts

Fixed wall mounts are cheap for sure, but don’t add much to the experience of watching the big game on a big screen. What you really need is a full-motion wall mount. This kind of wall mount is designed to move both horizontally and vertically, and you can expect to get the viewing angles you need from different parts of the same room. Unlike fixed mounts, full motion wall mounts keep the screen away from the wall, which also enhances viewing. If you cannot use a full-motion mount because of lack of wall space, you can consider other choices such as a ceiling mount. In schools, restaurants and many commercial places, using a ceiling mount is quite common, and you can consider that for your home too.

Pricing, warranty and more

As for the cost of wall mounts, it depends on the type, but even the best ones don’t cost more than $50-100. Keep in mind that the features and quality of build largely determine the price. A wall mount designed to hold large screens is likely to cost more than others. Specifications are an important aspect to consider while checking for options. Check the screen sizes that can be mounted on the product, weight capacity, and if the wall mount is actually compliant to VESA standards, which simplifies the process of installation. All the bolts and studs required to complete the installation should be included in the kit. Warranty on TV wall mounts may vary, but the best brands may even offer lifetime warranty on selected products.

Now that you know it all about wall mounts, find one that works for your TV and make sure that it can be used for other screens, in the future too. Online stores may have a few good discounts that you can check.

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