Can Driving Cause Stress?

Do you absolutely hate to drive? Do so only when you must? And do you also have friends who laugh at you for allowing driving to cause such anxiety? Well, some people actually enjoy driving and cannot understand that driving can lead to nervous tension and stress. For them, the answer to the question can driving cause stress?, would be a resounding no, but for most people it’s more than obvious that driving can indeed lead to strained nerves.

Growing amounts of traffic on the roads, road construction, and the foolish actions and rude behavior of other drivers can turn even the simple job of running errands into torture for many drivers. But we all need to learn how to deal with this because giving in to stress limits our ability to drive safely. Here are some examples of stressful situations you need to learn to cope effectively with.

1. Road Construction

If you are aware that there is going to be road construction taking place on your route to work, the best thing you can do is to allow extra time for navigating those orange cones, and road closed signs. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding your normal route if taking a different way is going to take longer. That won’t help your nervousness any.

2. Getting Lost

People often switch to panic mode when they realize that they are in fact lost. Then they start playing the blame game, either foisting the blame on themselves or the other passengers in the car. Calm down. Take a minute and pull over to the side of the road. Take a few deep breaths. Always have your GPS on hand. If not, then drive to the nearest gas station and ask directions.

3. Backseat Drivers

A constant drum beat of unsolicited advice from a passenger in your car can be extremely aggravating. The best way to handle this situation is not to respond. If you keep arguing, the situation will not improve, because the other person will feel like they have to keep defending themselves. If you fall silent, they just may realize that their interference should stop. If you’re lucky.

There really aren’t too many people who would deny that driving can be a stressful, nervewrecking undertaking. Not all roads are country roads where your biggest worry is not to hit the random chicken crossing your path.


In today’s world especially, driving can make you work up a sweat. While it’s natural to get stressed out sometimes while driving, you must remember to try your best to maintain your calm, either through breathing exercises, or even pulling over for a minute or two if necessary.

Another commom problem that causes stress to car owners is when the vehicle won’t start. This website does a great job on explaining most of the common car problem and possible solutions. When you are experiencing stress you begin to focus on that rather than the act of driving, and that can lead to accidents and near-misses. Be a safe driver and don’t let stress rule you.

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