Can Vaping CBD Weaken Your Immunity?

Only when a pandemic situation arises, we tend to realize the value of our health. As COVID-19 gripped the whole world, we started looking at various measures to keep ourselves safe by either social distancing or trying something else to keep ourselves healthy.

Many companies now have started marketing their products and earning some profit then why should CBD industry lag behind? But whether the health claims made by marketers are real and based on facts?

Vaping and our immune system

The University of Birmingham has made a brief study on this issue that tried to develop a  procedure that will mechanically mimick the vaping act. Also, they used samples of lung tissue from eight non-smokers.

The study detected that vapor can inflame our alveolar macrophages cells. All these cells are meant for removing allergens, dust, and bacteria that could harm our bodies. However, the experiment was only conducted under laboratory conditions, but not on actual humans.

Are we risking our immune system with vaping?

You can get CBD cartridges from the online store of JustCbdStore that is considered to be the best quality product. So while you read the research reports of various laboratories about the effect of vaping, you must consider how many vapers you have seen or heard in real life who became ill due to vaping.

This can be among any of your known friends or your own family member, neighbor, or working colleague. However, surely you will know someone who may have died from cancer or any smoking-related illness.

So if you are trying to weigh the risk then surely vaping will be a better alternative as compared to smoking cigarettes and inhaling toxins that are known to cause cancer. Despite these research, findings, still, Public Health England considers that vaping will be  95% safer as compared to smoking.

CBD effect on the immune system

Before we try to understand the effect of CBD on our own immune system, it is more important to discuss briefly the system itself. Our immune health refers to a cell and organ group present in our bodies, which will work together and destroy any infections, viruses, or any other agents that can pose a certain threat to our bodies.

It is very important system, which will keep our body healthy, particularly during the period of stress. Our immune systems are in charge of eliminating and monitoring cells that are not functioning properly.

Our endocannabinoid system has got an influence on the majority of our body cells that are present in our body, which also includes the ones that belong to our immune system.

We are yet to fully understand the mechanism of our endocannabinoid system. Various data show that CBD and also many other cannabis properties have got anti-inflammatory properties and that is acting like an immunosuppressant and also an immunomodulator.

All these are actually very highly technical terms, which will basically mean that often CBD can suppress the functions of our body’s immune system, but keep it active when it is underperforming.

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