Can We Gift Flowers on Christmas?

Christmas (from Portuguese, which means “birth”) is a Christian holiday that Christians celebrate every year on December 25th  to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated in the evening service on December 24th  and the morning service on December 25th . Some Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on January 6th.

In the western tradition, Christmas observance also contains non-religious aspects. Some of the Christmas traditions originated in the West, including the Christmas tree, Christmas cards, exchanging gifts between friends and family members, and stories about Santa or Santa. In Indonesia itself, this tradition is often carried out by those who celebrate. On the day of the Christmas celebration after church service, they will gather together with their families while eating Christmas specialties. No half-hearted, the house or family gathering place must be fitted with various kinds of red attributes and decorations that make the Christmas atmosphere even thicker.

One of the essential decorations in a Christmas celebration is a plant. Besides the Christmas tree, which is the main focus, several ornamental plants often decorate your Christmas day. Here are some types of plants and flowers that are best suited to decorate your Christmas day


Kastuba (Euphorbia pulcherrima) or poinsettia (/ pɔɪnˈsɛtiə / or / pɔɪnˈsɛtə /) is a subtropical plant native to southern Mexico and Central America. Poinsettia is named after the United States’ first ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett, who introduced this houseplant to the US in 1825.

The red top leaves match the colors of the Christmas decorations. In cool climates, kastuba is an ornamental substitute for flowers, hard to come by in winter.

Red Rose Flower Arrangement

Rose is a type of shrub from Rosa’s genus and the flower’s name that this plant produces. Wild roses consist of more than 100 species, mostly growing in the northern hemisphere, which is cool. The rose species are generally thorny shrubs or climbing plants that can reach 2 to 5 meters in height. Although rarely found, the size of the rose that vines on other plants can reach 20 meters.

Almost all people on this earth are familiar with roses, especially red ones. Red roses are a type of color that is arguably exclusive and quite difficult to find. On holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, the demand for red roses is soaring, so you have to pre-order in advance to get them. Red roses are perfect for decorating your Christmas table because they have exquisite colors and are very thick with Christmas celebrations. Apart from the matching colors, with the flowers, the atmosphere around it will be more cheerful. You can enjoy the moments with your family more.

Studies of reactions to gifts of flowers undertaken at Rutgers University, New Jersey, presumed that flowers evoke true happiness in 100 percent of the people who get them.

Do you have a friend or cherished one to buy for? Someone who has taste beyond your budget, if they want something, usually treats themselves, or doesn’t need anything else? You can always buy them flowers! It’s said that flowers can lift your mood, making them the perfect gift for the person who already has everything.

Christmas is the season that is perfect for giving, and flowers make great gifts for friends, family, friends, and someone special in your life. By giving them flowers, you’re not just giving them something beautiful but also to express your love for them on this lovely event: Christmas day.

There are many beautiful Christmas flowers that are available at the florist. You can select almost any design for each of them! Let flower delivery singapore assist you with choosing the most suitable Christmas floral gifts. If you want to give them a unique flower arrangement, here are a few steps to follow:

Buy Christmas Flowers Online

It’s effortless buying and sending flowers when done online. There are many ways to make it convenient to send beautiful flowers. Giving gifts this Christmas couldn’t be any easier! For flower delivery in Singapore, you can choose Flower Advisor to help you prepare and ship your gifts to loved ones.

Combine Christmas Flowers with Gift Baskets

Besides flowers, you can use a wide variety of Christmas hampers, baskets, and gifts. There is no limit to giving the gift. You can be as generous as you want with many lovely items! Usually, the florist has a ready-made selection of cute and beautiful creations of hampers. It’s perfect for the holiday season!

Send Your Christmas Flowers Through Reliable Delivery Options

Many florists provide same-day delivery, or you can select a specific date and time. Flower Advisor is a reliable delivery service that takes into account your schedule. You can work with the florist to make your gift a surprise. The key is creating a twist to the delivery!

Common concerns about buying a flower for Christmas

Concern 1: Flowers are too expensive to buy

You can purchase real roses by using the Flower Advisor service. Our florist can ship all the roses you are buying, and it’ll have generous full blooms that fill the room with scent. Our bouquets are individually hand-tied with the season’s most exquisite herbs, flowers, and foliage. They are delivered in many ways and decorations that you can choose yourself.

Concern 2: Flowers don’t last

We know that flowers don’t last forever. Like champagne, they are more indulgent for just that reason. There’s a study by Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School that looked at fifty-five women over two weeks. The study’s primary goal is to assess the effect flowers had on their mood. It is found that they reported feeling less stressed, more compassionate, and happier after even a few days.

Flowers are a great way to greet and acknowledge people with. Giving flowers to your loved ones this special Christmas day will warm their hearts and add joy. Don’t forget to write your name and personal message of love to the card that accompanies it!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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