Can Your Car Accident Attorney Help You Resolve Your Claim Fast?

A serious car accident can leave you struggling with unpaid medical bills, no income, and overwhelming finance-related stress. The at-fault party’s insurance provider knows how exhausting this can be, so they may try to make a lowball settlement offer, hoping you will accept it since you are desperate for money. But, sometimes, insurance companies may also stretch out a personal injury claim for years. Thankfully, you can fight back by hiring an idaho car accident attorney to help you counter the insurance company’s delay tactics. Read on to know how your attorney can help improve your settlement outcomes and resolve your claim faster:

When Can You Possibly Get Paid

A lot of car accident and injury claims in Idaho can take years to resolve. Although each case is unique, some factors can affect the timeline of a claim. 

In some instances, you may require extensive medical care that can delay your claim. The insurance provider may stall settlement negotiations, hoping you will give up and accept their offer, which is less than what you deserve. 

When negotiations with the insurance company fail, you may decide to pursue a lawsuit. One of the processes involved here is the discovery process, which can take months to years. In addition, scheduling and completing a trial take time. You should follow several steps before you get a trial scheduled. 

How Can Your Attorney Help Accelerate the Settlement Process?

 Aggressive attorneys may be able to speed up an injury case’s timeline. Although you cannot avoid some delays, there are usually inefficiencies in the discovery and settlement negotiation process and a skilled attorney can cut down on these. 

When you deal with an insurance company on your own, they will wear you down and wait for you to give up out of frustration. This is a tactic used by insurers because it has been proven effective. The longer an insurer delays your settlement, the direr your financial situation can become. And once you become desperate, you may just accept any offer an insurer makes without considering your losses. And after you settle your claim, you won’t be able to demand additional compensation. 

Experienced personal injury attorneys understand these tactics and make use of proven strategies to counter them. They have the dedication and resources necessary to build a strong injury claim and negotiate a fair settlement for you. They have gained knowledge and expertise after handling complex claims for years and use these for investigating your claim and demanding prompt compensation.  

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