Casino winning odds: what games offer the best chances to get a prize?

Gamblers always try to find the ways to beat a casino. They develop strategies, adjust their betting accordingly and try other tricks. Still, the first step to earn some money is to choose the game that gives you good chances to win. Let’s find out what are the casino winning odds for the most popular games.

Casino winning odds: games with the best chances to get a prize

The first thing you should know – it’s impossible to beat a casino in the long-term perspective. It doesn’t mean you can’t make money. It just states that the amount of money players bring to the casino is always bigger than the one they cash out as prizes in general.

The percentage of money the casino leaves as profit is called House Edge. It’s opposite to RTP. This ratio is different for various games. The lower it is, the better chances you have to earn some money. Here is the list of games with the lowest house edge:

Craps (with odds);


Video poker;


Craps game can offer incredibly low house edge when you combine Pass/Don’t Pass Line bet or Come/Don’t Come Wager with Odds. It can decrease up to 0.01% depending on the total odds you can use. These bets also have high winning probability. Pass/Come wager will offer 49.29% rate, while Don’t Pass/Come has 47.94% probability.

Blackjack has 0.28% house edge, which is really low. It’s not the game where you can get huge prizes, but you can be sure the house won’t have a big part of your budget. Just be careful with the fact that rounds go fast and lots of hands are played within an hour.

As for Video poker, there are many game variations with different house edge. There are even the ones that have RTP more than 100%, which means house edge is less than zero. Such casino winning odds mean the house doesn’t make money on this particular game in the long-term.

Baccarat has rather low house edge if you bet on player (1.24%) or banker (1.06%). The winning probability is 44.6% for a player and 45.8% for a banker. Note that a banker bet has 5% commission.

Games with the worst chances to get a prize

Here is the list of the least favorable games for gamblers:


Wheel of Fortune (Big Six);

Craps (bad casino winning odds for horn bets and hardways);

Baccarat (tie).

Keno is a lottery-type game that offers you to guess 20 numbers out of 80. The house edge reaches 29%, which is incredibly high. This is definitely not the best option to choose. In Bix Six you bet that the arrow will stop on a certain wheel section. The probability to get a prize is from 1.85% to 44.44% depending on bet type. The house edge can be 11.11% — 24.07% and that’s really bad.

In craps game hardways and horn bets have big payouts, but they also have a high house edge that reaches 16.67%. Use these wager types carefully. At last, tie option in craps is another worst choice for gambler. It pays 8 to 1, but the winning probability is 9.6%, while the house edge is 14.36%.

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