Common Problems of a Septic Drain Tank Drain Field and How to Prevent Them

If your home is not connected to the municipal sewer line, you rely on your septic system for waste management. As a homeowner, maintaining a healthy living environment requires regular care and maintenance for your unit. Many parts should be inspected regularly to ensure they are working correctly, and the drain field is one of them.

We leverage industry knowledge and equipment at Septic Connection to guarantee quality septic pumping in Gray Court. Property owners must familiarize themselves with the common problems affecting the drain field and steps to mitigate further damage. Here are common drain field issues you should look for and potential solutions.

Excessive Rainfall

If you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall or is at risk of flooding, it is advisable to take measures to protect your drain field. Start by ensuring your gutters are working correctly, and the water is dispersed away from the septic system. Rainwater can saturate the drain field, compromising the permeability of your soil which is vital for maintaining health. If rainwater permeates the drain field, it is a sign you need septic tank pumping in Gray Court to restore efficiency and function.

Tree Roots

Roots are spread out across the landscape and can interfere with the integrity and flow of your septic system. If there are trees around the drain field, you should be concerned about your system’s well-being. We can regularly inspect your septic system to detect minor signs of root intrusion and recommend an appropriate solution to mitigate further damage.


It is common knowledge you should refrain from parking on your drain field. However, some homeowners need to find out where their drain field is located and end up parking or placing heavy equipment on the drain field. When you have a septic system installed or purchase a home, familiarize yourself with the landscape and know where the septic system is located. Parking also compacts the soil around the drain field, affecting permeability and increasing the risk of damage.

Hydraulic Overloading

Septic systems handle a specific amount of water used. Running multiple water-heavy appliances at the same time can overwhelm your unit. While it is common to do several loads of laundry while taking a shower, you risk severe damage and costly repairs. Even if your system is functioning, hiring a septic tank cleaning service is essential for maintenance. We inspect every inch of your system, detect hairline leaks can become more pronounced, and flood your drain field.

Biological Overloading

Your septic system handles a particular type of waste. When you flush sanitary products, overload your garbage disposal, or wash grease down the drain, you risk altering the biology of your unit. Inorganic waste disrupts the biological process of your system, increasing the chances of blockage and subsequent damage. Professional septic tank cleaning goes a long way in getting rid of inorganic waste and restoring optimal efficiency and function.

Contact us at Septic Connection and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We aim to help you maintain a high-performance and durable septic system through quality services like septic tank cleaning at pocket-friendly rates.

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