Confused why vape tricks look this cool, here is why!

If you have seen a video on the internet or seen a friend show off at your house party, then you are aware that vape tricks are cool. Back in the days, the only cool tricks in a party were the guys pulling off card tricks and coin tricks. Today as the world moves to a new cooler trajectory, they are more fun tricks to play around with. How to vape tricks is one of those questions that has been on the minds of many millennials. They look charming and take very little effort to master. If you set your mind to it, it all comes down to breathing and the right vape.  We know they look cool, but why do they look this cool? 

Here are the reasons: 


  • Smoke thickness 


There is something about the density of this smoke that a vape gives out that makes it irreplaceable. Since most tank vapes have an enhanced airflow and an adjustable wattage, they can be adjusted to get the kind of smoke thickness you need. If you are looking to do a vape tricks tornado or a vape mushroom cloud, this thick smoke makes it possible. This fluffy cloud that comes out of a vape gives it the iconic trick-friendly volume. 


  • Pleasant Fragrance 


The beauty of the vape is that it does not smell like burnt smoke. Since it’s a combination of flavored juice and water vapor, the smoke has a sweet smell depending on the flavor you use. Even if your party room is filled with this smoke it still makes for a tolerable fragrance. Even if you are one of those people who is not curious about how to vape tricks, about you feel the cold and aromatic air, you will lean toward giving it a shot. With vapes, depending on your mood for the day you can pick the smells and flavors you want to play with. There is not a single boring day with vape ticks.


  • Versatile fluidity  


The cold smoke of the vape is easier to play with. Most smoke that we have heard of is hot and moves upwards. The cold nature of the vape smokes makes it stick close to the surface. This is the reason cool vape tricks tornado and the likes are easy to do. If the smoke was hot it will move up as soon as it’s blown out and cannot be contained and moved around. Fluidity has to be one of the most important factors that define the world of vape tricks.  

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