Consumers And Online Businesses: Bills And Labels

The online marketplace is not less hustling than a physical one. It is not an exaggeration to say that online marketplace is more crowded and riskier than physical marketplaces as there is no limit to the number of customers visiting a digital business site at a time. In this scenario, the biggest concern is to ship the right product to the correct recipient and get payment without any confusion or mishap. Here comes the role of an online bill (บิลออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) and the requirement of a print label (ใบปะหน้า, term in Thai). Let’s explore the two simplest devices of business-consumer connect.

The Requirement And Evolution Of Online Bills

Online bills have changed the way businesses and consumers used to operate. Before the advent of online billing practices, businesses not only had to handwrite cheques and mail them to the customers physically, but also had to wait for weeks to get the payment done. With online billing systems, not only do businesses make lists of sold items and bill them conveniently, but also buyers get clear, easy-to-comprehend bills that can be resolved within minutes with a few clicks.

There are apps online that can help you design and make online bills; the only thing you have to do is enter the products ordered with their number and individual prices, and you will get a bill ready along with the packaging of the ordered products. Now it’s on you and the consumer whether they will pay it on delivery or before.

Managing Orders: The Requirement For Printed Labels

Labels play a pivotal role in the logistics and shipping part of online or offline businesses. Labels help categorize, pack and ship correct orders to customers. The labels include product details, delivery and return address, tracking number, retailer’s and shipper’s details, along with billed amount and barcodes. A printed label makes shortening hassle-free and makes transportation and delivery convenient, reducing the chances of product misplacement and wrong shipment. A business can print labels on cardstock or sticker sheets by themselves using small printers or can get them printed by printing service providers in bulk, based on the size and requirements of the business.

Convenience Caused By Online Bills And Print Labels To The Web Businesses.

  • Hassle-free billing
  • Reduces chances of mistakes while billing and more accurate sorting, packaging and shipping
  • Efficient management of orders and finances
  • Transparency in payments as well as order tracking during delivery


The online market requires online logistic support to function well. Online bills and print labels are no less than a boon to the virtual industry. Both consumers and businesses can go hassle-free and accurate with the use of such convenient measures.

The best advice a business can get is to move to the online bill affair to ensure transaction transparency and to print label of its own to take care of the shipping and delivery convenience.

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