Determining the Best Mattress for Semi Truck Drivers

We have heard how important it is to get sleep. This statement is even more crucial for truckers to follow. Picking the best mattress for semi truck drivers can result in many benefits, as they are assured of receiving an ample amount of rest while traveling the road.

On the road…

According to a research article found at The Public Library of Science (, truck drivers are under tremendous stress and with a variety of other factors, poor quality of sleep can lead to health problems and accidents. For instance, the study shows that big rig operators are at high risk for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. In the past, when it came to those who spend a majority of their time on the highways, the primary interest was in how long they slept, but now the quality of their rest is being called into question.

Overall, long-haul drivers who have proper bedding in place can lower their development of fatigue, depression and more, while improving their work-related performances.

How to choose the best mattress for semi-truck operators?

When selecting bedding, these are a few factors that individuals should consider.

Comfort: After a stressful days and nights of meeting deadlines, over-the-road truckers need to crawl into a cozy bed. High density memory foam and two-sided quilted covers assist in controlling body temperature, allowing individuals to rest easy without disturbance.

Support: The sedentary lifestyle of tractor-trailer drivers can lead to multiple injuries, including back, neck and shoulder pain. They need to opt for a mattress that provides a compact or thick foundation to help give even support for their whole body.

Durability: Investing in a flimsy mattress is as though individuals are throwing their money away. That is why it is a wise choice for semi truckers to pick out well-made bedding for their berths. Having flame and stain resistant material, easy storage and installation is helpful. It should come with a 30-day sleep testing guarantee and strong warranty to make sure customers are satisfied.

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