Distracted While Driving Can Be Cause of Car Accident

Every year, distracted driving causes thousands of fatal accidents and hundreds of thousands of accidents resulting in non-fatal injuries. Distracted driving is an epidemic, one that – according to data from a variety of sources – continues to worsen despite the widely recognized risks it carries. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident that you suspect was caused by a distracted driving person, it is important that you seek legal representation from an experienced Antelope Valley car accident attorney. Distracted driving is negligent driving, and you may be entitled to fair compensation for your economic and non-economic losses.

Increase in Distracted Driving

Drivers are more distracted while on the roadways more than ever. The recent increase in accidents caused by distracted drivers is attributed in large part to the increasing prevalence of drivers who have access to smartphones and automotive technology. Although many sources point to texting, use of social media, and phone conversations as some of the distractions most likely to cause dangerous accidents, an AAA study found that the use of car navigation systems creates the greatest risk of collisions caused by distractions.

Although government statistics indicate that teen drivers are the most likely to give in to distractions while behind the wheel, more than 90 percent of teenagers say their parents drive distracted with them as passengers. The reality is that, in today’s world, all drivers are prone to distraction, and this means that all drivers and passengers are at risk of serious and fatal injuries in an accident.

Cognitive Impairments

One of the main risks associated with distracted driving is that it affects drivers’ ability to make smart decisions behind the wheel. Some studies have shown that distractions can cause cognitive impairments comparable to a low level of alcohol intoxication, including delayed reactions and inability to make decisions.

Eyes On The Road

When driving distracted, some drivers will take their eyes off the road, even for an instant and that is all needed for a car accident to occur. If a driver is looking at their phone, he or she is not looking at the road. In the five seconds it takes to read an average text message, a vehicle traveling 70 miles per hour on a highway can traverse the length of an entire football field. According to AAA, it takes drivers an average of 40 seconds to manually enter directions into the GPS of a navigation system.

Hands Off Wheel

Some drivers will get distracted and take their hands off the wheel and this is dangerous. From texting and entering GPS directions to shaving and putting on makeup, there are many types of distractions that also cause the driver to take their hands off the wheel. If a driver is not paying attention and does not have their hands on the wheel, the chances of that driver being able to avoid a car accident are slim to none.

Legal professionals can help you with legal representation in the event you get into a car accident as a result of being distracted while driving. Be sure to make contact for a full consultation.

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