Do Betting Strategies increase your chances at online casinos?

Playing casino games is always going to be more fun if you win. It’s not cynical to say that – let’s face it, the whole purpose of playing at a casino is to win money, and any additional joy you get from the spinning of reels and the dealing of cards is, frankly, a bonus. So when you’ve done the groundwork of picking a casino, checked for tips on the best available sites, and all the rest of it, your primary focus is going to be on trying to win something. Strategies, touted by countless online sources, promise to make this easier.

There is a saying: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You could be forgiven for thinking this applies to online casino strategies. After all, the idea here is that you can give yourself a leg up that other players don’t have, and increase your chances of winning. Are casinos really going to make it easy for you? That doesn’t seem to chime with the idea that the “house always wins”. So let’s have a moment to analyse what the truth is about online casino strategies, and whether they’re worth your time.

Casino strategies aren’t meant to guarantee anything

Casino strategy in and of itself is a hugely diverse concept. It can relate to anything from how much you bet on a specific hand or spin, or what you do when the opportunity to hit or stand is offered. Some people mistake strategy for cheats or tricks, and assume that the idea is to ensure that you win. Rest assured, if a strategy were found that ensured you won, the casinos would ban it instantly. This isn’t about guarantees; the most reputable casino strategies are about maximising your edge and making the most of luck as it turns for and against you.

Casino strategies are there for everyone to use

There are many casino strategies out there, and the casinos know all about them. They know people are using them, and they don’t mind, because there are still the same numbers of winning and losing spins and hands. For instance, the most well-known roulette strategy is known as the Martingale system. It consists of doubling your bet whenever you lose, so when you next win, you end up making a profit. It doesn’t manipulate the result of any game, and it involves a certain amount of risk on your part. If you go five spins without winning, you can end up giving up a lot of cash. That usually won’t happen, but it sometimes will. As long as you assume that risk, the casino is happy.

Some strategies are even endorsed by the casino

This may sound like a bad idea – if the casino is endorsing it, surely it can only end up in their favour? But no – basic blackjack strategy is all about what you play when. Depending on the total you have, and the up-facing card the dealer is showing, there is a right and a wrong way to play each hand, and the casino is more than happy to let you use strategy cards which show these right and wrong approaches. You still have to get the right cards, after all, and it’s only sharing knowledge that is already out there. However, you absolutely should use blackjack strategy and stick to it when playing the game; it maximises your chances to win.

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