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Do Not Overlook These 3 Factors When Designing Your Restaurant

When you design a restaurant Concord CA alongside a professional team, you might consider important elements such as seating, lighting and ventilation. They help establish a unique identity and evoke a specific feeling that can attract most customers. However, there other important elements that you may overlook during the process. Continue reading to discover some of them and keep them in mind.

  1. Storage 

The storage of vital supplies is essential when running a restaurant, yet likely one of the last elements you might think about. You do not only have to ensure quality and quantity accuracy, but also need to store them properly and making them accessible to your employees. You can accomplish this by balancing the place’s design needs with necessary storage. For instance, keep larger items in the back, but establish hallways and doors so employees can easily transport them. Place smaller items near workstations so they can use them at any time.

  1. Tableware

Another element that can impact customers’ first impressions almost immediately is the tableware you offer, mainly silverware, glasses and napkins. These items should be always present and clean in every table. They should also be made of the strongest materials. Ensure the tableware fits the establishment’s image. A steakhouse or family dining place should have strong, heavy utensils, while a more refined place should have glasses with the right shape for specific drinks.  Napkins should contain the business’s brand or at least fit the color scheme.

  1. Restrooms

The restaurant’s restrooms should continue the consistency of your brand and identity, rather than break from it. Just as the rest of the location, they should include the same logos, color schemes and designs, with some modifications. They should also provide ample space and privacy. Assign an employee to check every half hour for cleanliness, supplies and other upkeep.

Restaurant design involves every detail, both big and small. Avoid overlooking these areas so clients are impressed by your strong vision.

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