Do You Like Block Puzzles & Sudoku? Try BlockuDoku!

Yes, you heard it right, BlockuDoku is a perfect blend of the classic block puzzles and Sudoku. Where, on one hand, block puzzles bring out your creativity, Sudoku, on the other side, calls for a logical mind. Both the games are quite popular amongst gaming enthusiasts, and if you love these two, BlockuDoku will undoubtedly be your next favorite. 


Easybrain BlockuDoku Block Puzzle


Functioning on the mechanics of block games as well as Sudoku, the BlockuDoku offers ultimate performance and convenient gameplay. It has clutter-free visuals, and the only clutter you will find is a board full of blocks if you play it based on guesswork. Assumptions can work for one or two moves, but not always. In that case, you will only end the level with a messy board having no space to place any blocks. The game has a very simplistic interface, and that is how you got to play it as well.


How to Play the Game?


The BlockuDoku block puzzle comes with a 9×9 grid where a few cells are already filled with some blocks. These are actually the building blocks of your grid, depending on which you may kick start the level. More blocks keep showing up at the bottom as you go about completing the puzzle. Your aim in the game is to crack as many lines and 3×3 boxes as possible. Mainly, the board must remain clean so that you can score higher. 


Once you get the hang of how to play BlockuDoku and master the tips and tricks, you can compete with other players in the Game Center as well. But, if you want to stay relaxed and still overcome the mundane, keep taking up the daily challenges and jazz up the gameplay. You may also, at times, run out of moves but never out of time. There is no limitation on that – you can keep playing for as long as you want. But, quick suggestion – the faster you play, the better the game gets. If you invest a lot of time at just one level, the game would seem dull and never-ending. Moreover, the perks you receive are unique trophies and other rewards that will help you in your further challenges. 


Try It Yourself! 


With over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, BlockuDoku is of the most absorbing block games out there. It has garnered a top position in several countries as one of the best apunka games on the Play Store. Not to worry, even iOS users can experience the fun.

Install the BlockuDoku app on your Android or Apple devices right away and test your skills!



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