Effects of Insulation Contamination

Damaged insulation that is no longer functioning properly may form a toxic environment in your attic.

Your insulation may get dirty over time, and accelerated by the assistance of rodents and insects that live there. The insulation can become unhelpful when tiny air holes that are meant for caging air that is conditioned get filled with dirt. Insulation problems will make your HVAC system work harder and may increase your electricity bill expenses.

Dirty insulation in homes may remain ineffective during temperature exchange, but it can create a toxic environment in your attic that will reduce the quality of air in your home. When the attic is neglected and not cleaned, it quickly becomes a dirty place that has a humid atmosphere and, therefore, will make it a magnet for molds, insects, rodents, etc.

Pests and insects are usually attracted to the type of insulation that offers them shelter or food. These pests and insects contaminate the insulation and, because of their destruction, they will create holes that will lower the efficiency of your insulation.

In insulation, especially if you use fiberglass, may become flattened after many years. Due to this, insulation can be damaged by homeowners who go into the attic to work on it themselves or by service companies. They flatten the insulation when they use it as their storage space. The more you flatten the insulation, the worse its performance becomes.

It is wise to hire a specialist team to help you replace your insulation if it has been compromised.

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