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Essential Tips When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most important considerations when executing remodeling St Charles MO. Thanks to a multitude of options, it is difficult to know where to begin. As kitchen cabinets should marry beauty with function, stay mindful of a few key factors to make the best choice.


Cabinets account for the bulk of a kitchen’s real estate, so they should reflect your taste. A natural starting point is choosing between light and dark tones. Lighter colors make small spaces feel more open and darker shades help expansive rooms seem cozier. The style also requires forethought and should match the general feel of the home. Along with a craftsman, Shaker or traditional style, you have an additional choice of panels, grooves and glass inserts to explore.


To support the ways you use your kitchen, the cabinets’ configuration should be customized. Visualize the ideal placement of your culinary items and the space requirements needed for each tool. Additionally, think about what you didn’t like about the kitchens you’ve previously used. Did you have a mountain of storage containers that never fit into a single cabinet? Maybe you should include a lazy susan in your dream kitchen. Were your spices always tipping over? A spice rack will keep those containers upright and organized.


Any cabinet that doesn’t meet your needs is going to be ultimately frustrating. For example, it might be taxing to keep white cabinets clean with young children in the house. Likewise, dirt and debris tend to collect in the lovely grooves of a detailed cabinet. Soft-close hinges not only prevent the unpleasant sound of a slamming door but also may extend the life of the cabinet by reducing constant friction. There are plenty of convenient add-ons available, and researching these features can help you make a well-rounded decision.

It can be expensive to install new kitchen cabinets, making the choice intimidating. However, with careful planning, you can select the ideal cabinets to suit both your style and your needs.

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