Exciting features Airtel postpaid plans offer

Airtel is one of the largest network service providers in the country today. Today the telecommunications network not only allows you to make calls or connect to the Internet but allows you banking services, broadband Internet connection, streaming services as well as DTH connections. Airtel has created online portals that allow users to reach the services they want to access within minutes. Getting a new connection from Airtel is just no big a deal.

  • Unlimited voice calls – One of the most interesting features of Airtel postpaid plans are unlimited calling facilities.Postpaid plans from most service providers charge you according to the number of calls that you make during the month. Though that facility might work for individuals who do not need to make large amounts of calls, for users who need to be connected to their peers, this is certainly not a good option. Also, with some providers claiming IUC charges now, Airtel postpaid seems to be a very good alternative at the moment. The calls can be made anywhere within the country. The Rs. 1599 pack even offers the users 200 international minutes.
  • 100 free SMS per day – All of the Airtel postpaid plans lets the users send 100 SMS every day for free. Charges would be applicable for the messages sent after that.
  • Data rollover facilities – Airtel offers superfast Internet connection throughout the country. The plans from Airtel offers data starting from 75 GB per month. You can even buy new Airtel postpaid plans with unlimited data. However, the most interesting fact is that the plans offer rollover facilities. So, if you have unused data from a month, it gets automatically carried over to the next month. This means the user would not lose data if he or she has paid for it.
  • Family add-ons – Except for the Rs. 499 plan which is meant for personal use, every other postpaid plan from Airtel offers add-on SIMs. The Rs. 749 plan offers 2 family add-ons, the Rs. 1599 plan offers one add-on, while the Rs. 999 plan offers 4 family add-ons. These allow the family people to use the same plan without the need to pay extra for every connection.
  • Airtel Thanks offers – While the other facilities are somewhat common inpostpaid plans from other providers as well, the Airtel Thanks facilities are exclusive only to Airtel. Buy buying postpaid plans from Airtel, you would get subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix, ZEE5 Premium as well as Airtel Xstream. With so many streaming facilities available to you, almost every movie and TV series would be available to you. You would also get handset protection from Airtel if you are buying the postpaid plans.

Considering such handsome facilities, there is hardly any other service provider who offers so much for the customers of today. These facilities are used by most tech-savvy users. Users throughout the country will find these postpaid plans from Airtel just the thing they might need. If you want tobuy new Airtel postpaid plans, all you need to do is find the Buy option on the app and fill some details. Airtel will be at your doorstep for the rest of the job.

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