Exploring the Costs of a Divorce

Couples never marry expecting to divorce one day. However, despite both parties’ hard work and good intentions, many marriages inevitably run their course. Still, the idea of divorce shouldn’t be taken lightly. A divorce comes with a host of possible financial, social, and mental health costs. Before starting divorce proceedings, couples must understand and carefully consider these costs.


Perhaps the most obvious costs of divorce are the financial ones. When a marriage breaks up, one spouse usually ends up in a better financial position than the other. In a majority of states, the better-off partner is compelled to furnish financial support to the other for a certain period. Known as alimony, these payments can be steep without an alimony attorney orlandofl to negotiate a favorable amount.

If a couple has children, even in joint custody cases, the alimony payer is also obligated to make child support payments. Additional costs arise from the division of property (when one partner must find a new house) and assets (such as debts accrued during the marriage.)


In spite of its prevalence, there’s still a stigma attached to divorce in certain sectors of society. Various churches, for example, still oppose divorce, with the most conservative congregations going as far as to shun divorced members. This religious tension can create rifts between family members in the church.

In secular circles, a contested divorce can ruin longtime friendships when friends take the side of one or the other partner. In the worst cases, choosing sides extends even to parents and children.


The strain of a divorce can have serious effects on spouses and their families’ mental health. Feelings of anxiety, anger, and depression can outwardly express themselves in destructive ways, and inwardly take a physical toll on the body. Many divorcing partners and their children find that counseling is helpful in addressing these feelings and maintaining a healthy attitude throughout the divorce process.

Getting a divorce is often a heartbreaking decision. Couples forewarned of what to expect can better judge whether it’s the right one.

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