Facade Inspection and Upgrade in New Jersey

A timely assessment and update of a building’s facade through the help of a structural engineer in New Jersey gives various benefits. This process allows the building owner to improve the property’s structural integrity or repair any damage. It may also increase the property’s value through renovation, enabling the owner to ask for a higher rent or purchase price. 

Building owners and managers may use the results of facade condition evaluations to generate maintenance plans. In addition, it may be used to build a budget for capital repairs and restoration projects, comply with local facade inspection rules, and mitigate possible hazards.

Inspections allow owners to fix facade degradation with standard repairs if they detect issues on time. However, undiagnosed problems may lead to costly capital rehabilitation and possibly dangerous conditions.

Cracks are one of the most common signs of a deteriorating facade. Occasionally, some materials, such as concrete and stucco, develop cracks. But wide, vertical fractures ascending the concrete or masonry columns and those around the building’s corners indicate more serious problems. All fractures should be evaluated by a structural engineer NJ building inspector who can differentiate between common cracks and those that present severe underlying concerns.

Leakage is a further sign of a building’s degradation that often leads to structural problems and deterioration. Exterior gaskets that have lost their capacity to seal frames and glass are the common causes of window leaks. It might also be due to previously factory-sealed frame corners that have come undone. Incorrect design or construction of the connection between the window and the facade can also cause leaks around the windows.

Parapet walls, cornices, sills, and building corners are also vulnerable to water penetration. Leaks should be checked and repaired immediately to avoid additional structural damage.

Moreover, the orange rust patches and fissures in steel-containing regions are early warning indicators of corrosion. The sooner these problems are resolved by commercial building inspection NJ, the less long-term harm the structure will experience.

Continue reading the infographic from Lockatong Engineering below to learn further about facade inspection and upgrade in New Jersey.



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