Find an accident lawyer to avoid these mistakes after an accident

An auto accident can result in painful injuries, some of which might permanent. Fortunately, you can file an insurance claim to help offset costs like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Yet, the decision and step that you will take after an accident can impact your eligibility for compensation or decrease your claim’s is in the best interest that you hire a professional attorney who can advocate for you and fight to obtain compensation for your damages as soon as possible

A trusted Fort Collins accident lawyer attorney could help you avoid these common mistakes after a car accident.

 Not calling law enforcement to the scene of the accident

When they figure out that their car is in good condition and can be driven, some people will not bother to call the police. You need to report any accident to the police even if it has not caused severe damage. You have a period of ten days to complete a police report if a law enforcer did not come to the scene. The police report will serve as proof that you were involved in an accident. The other driver, the insurance company, and their attorney may not deny your claim if an officer came to the scene and filed an official report.

Leaving the scene of an accident

You must remain at the scene of the accident even if you didn’t cause the accident. By leaving the scene, you will undermine your credibility and potentially damage your claim. It is advisable that anyone involved in an accident to remain at the scene, exchange information with the others involved. Leaving the scene when there’s an injury or death can lead to hefty fines and prison time. You can call an accident attorney at the accident scene if you are unsure what to do. Preserve any evidence that may be needed to determine liability.

Admitting fault

The person who has caused the accident is typically the one liable for damages. Insurance companies and lawyers usually investigate to uncover everything that will determine liability or at least shift blame. If you admit a fault, your admission will have more weight than the actual proof. Do not accept a fault; when a law enforcer asks you questions, do not say more than necessary. Let your lawyer and law enforcer uncover the facts of the accident.

Not gather evidence

If you are involved in an accident that is not severe, it is essential to gather evidence that will be used to file a police report. If you fail to gather some evidence, it will be a big mistake because the police may get it wrong or miss something. You need to take photos at the scene, exchange contacts with the other people involve, and even obtain witness statements. This information will assist the lawyer and insurance companies. If you fail to get this evidence, they will rely on the police report.

Posting on social media

Investigators from insurance companies usually go to the extreme end to uncover evidence; they will use all means possible to devalue your claim, which will even mean going to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Posting on social media can be a costly mistake.

Accept the first settlement offer

Insurance companies prefer an out of court settlement to reduce their financial liability as much as possible. They love to give a quick settlement to a car accident victim. These offers are usually low. It is essential to wait for your lawyer to negotiate for you since they have experience dealing with insurance companies. They will get a better settlement on your behalf.

Ensure that you avoid these mistakes after an accident. For more information and advice, contact an accident lawyer.

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