Five Films that will make you fall in love with Canada

Want to watch films that focus more on the background scenes and region-specific views than the movie itself? Well, Canada films might just be able to make up for your time and experience. The culture bringing by the country and its beautiful regions is a class-leading depiction of nature and its beauty that can bring more audiences to theatres. Well, let us leave the background art and set design for some time and see what movies to see to get the hype around Canada. Made Nous a new campaign and its executive Mathieu Chantelois celebrates the works of Canadian creators in film, television, video games, and digital entertainment, both here and around the world. Well, here are five films that will make you fall in love with Canada.

Anne of Green Gables:

Adapted from the novels of Lucy Mad Montgomery, going by the name of Anne novels, the movie is set in Avonlea. The key story character played by Megan Follows, as Anne Shirley has to live with the Cuthbert brother and sister who were waiting for a boy for helping them out in their firm. While they do receive Annie for their job, they take her as she comes with an impetuous nature to draw in. You won’t be either surprised not taken aback but flawed down by this incredible Canadian drama film.

Goin’ Down the Road:

The documentaries didn’t sound that of a choice for English people but Goin’ down the road made it sure for them to thread down drama movies like a boss. Dealing with two persons going by the name Maritimes, who go to Cape Breton for leading a better life. The story deals with lives just good of the two workers that ultimately leads to the downfall as they turn to crime and prioritize it over a better life. Set in the pace Canadian region, the movie also gives some lessons in life.

Brokeback Mountain:

Set in 2005, and in the place Wyoming, Brokeback Mountain is usually made in a fictional place, but the realities and depicting scenes of the Rocky Mountains bring a place into the soft heart of nature. As with the story, it revolves around characters Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar into their own paradise to settle for. While mountains might not be your favorite, watch the movie for the brilliant inline story in Canada and especially directed by Ang Lee.

Bon cop, Bad Cop:

A ton of masses on the back of the film due to its own style crime depiction by two officers, the film presents a ruth cop and a gentle one playing by the rules, are actually to work together on a serious case. This is not your idle time good cop bad cop movie, but a rather thrashed version of a thriller with just the right ingredients at places. Watch it for Ontario.


The chances of being polite with a gun never had worked out and such is the story of Gunless. Bringing into gunfights from the local near gang, Montana Kid discovers this very big thing at his disposal after he moves to Rockies in Canada. If you are not moved by this intriguing thriller that also brings Canada on its line, you just love Canada from your list.

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