Five Types of Equipment That Can Be Used to Lift Loads

Lifting loads can be very tedious and challenging, especially in construction and industrial settings, but it can be made much easier by using the right equipment. Some types of equipment that can be used to lift loads include electric wire rope hoists, forklifts, overhead cranes, aerial cranes and even manual trolley hoists. There are wire rope hoist suppliers in Aurangabad who can give you information about using hoists as well as other types of equipment that can be used to lift loads.

The following are details about the different types of equipment.

  • Electric wire rope hoists

These are used to lift relatively light weights. Electric wire rope hoists are a convenient and efficient way of lifting and dropping goods whether it is during construction or in a factory. They are easy to use and many have special features that ensure safety. There are several electric wire rope hoist suppliers in Aurangabad who offer this type of equipment.

  • Forklifts

These are small trucks that are used to lift and move materials easily over short distances. They are normally used in construction sites, factories as well warehouses to move goods from one place to another.

  • Overhead cranes

These are cranes that can be used to carry both light and heavy loads in the overhead air space. The electrical overhead cranes can either be single girder or double girder. The single girder overhead crane in Aurangabad is usually used to lift and drop lighter loads, while the double girder overhead crane handles heavier loads. These overhead cranes are much safer than ground cranes, and they are also more economical to use in terms of price and maintenance.

  • Aerial cranes

Aerial cranes can be used to lift and transport goods to areas where ground cranes may not be able to reach. They can be used to lift loads onto high buildings or even to carry out rescue activities during disasters. The aerial crane is different from the single girder overhead crane in Aurangabad because the overhead crane is suspended from the ceiling, while the aerial plane is more like a helicopter.

  • Manual chain hoist

This is a different type of hoist that can also be used to lift lighter loads. It uses a manual system rather than an electrical one. Manual chain hoists are still widely used in factories despite the manual effort needed. They are suitable where a load needs to be lifted and there is no suitable supply of power that is readily available. Most manual hoists have an average useful life of 10 years. Therefore, they will provide you with a good number of years of service.


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