Get Closer To Music With Flvto By Converting Your Favourite Songs In Mp3 Format

An American video accessing platform in San Bruno, California has made our lives easier with its credibility. It is none other than YOU TUBE. With multiple creators coming under the same platform it serves our purpose. Anything you don’t know or rather wish to know just one tap on You Tube and you get your solution. 99% of the content we find on You Tube is the masterpiece of individual creators. Getting access to such incredible and unique content developed by these unique creators themselves which otherwise would never have been possible to achieve if the three musketeers- Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen had not created this amazing platform.

Why choose Flvto?

There are numerous apps which provide you the amnesties of listening to music online or offline by saving it. You can browse any content you want but everything you find on YouTube cannot be found on these other sites. There are songs and videos exclusively available over You Tube, thus to get these files in your reach you can use converters to have it downloaded in the mp3 format so you can listen not only offline but endless number of times. This, in a way, saves your data. Flvto is the answer to your requirements.

Let’s learn how to do the conversion of a YouTube file into mp3 format

  • Copy the link of your desired video
  • Now, paste that particular link into the Input Field on the website called the flvto converter
  • Select the format you want to change your file into
  • Finally, press “Convert to” and wait for your mp3 track to get ready!

When you wish to download any video from online, all you got to do is copy and paste the link into an Input field at flvto converter website. After this select your desired format and then the final step of pressing the “Convert to” option and wait for your converted mp3 track to open.

Beneficiary points to know before using the flvto converter

  • Listen to your favourite compositions multiple times

Do you wish to listen to your favourite compositions all the time on an endless loop without the worry of exhausting your data balance? Well, this converter grants you that wish. You can easily download the file in mp3 format from YouTube using flvto. So, forget your concern of losing your data balance and put on your headphones right now!

  • The quality of audio file

The best quality of the recent day audio files is 320 kbps, and flvto provides you the converted mp3 file in this excellent quality.

  • The privacy

Whenever it comes to downloading, privacy is something that grabs our attention. Downloading music illegally is never recommended so using flvto renders you surety and you have to suffer no consequences at all.


Being a true music lover is a boon as not everybody understands music and terms it a noise rather than melody. Get closer to music forgetting the risk of piracy and data consumption and indulge in your playlist full of your favourite collection.

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